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Freaks of Nature

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Freaks of Nature – 5 out of 5

I really love dark comedies.  Most recently, I watched one that was very disappointing called Hellbenders and it left a bad taste in my mouth.  I heard about Freaks of Nature just by reading about it on the internet but I didn’t see a trailer or any footage from it—I just read about who was in it and what it was about.  In fact, the moment I read what the story was about, I was excited to watch it.  What’s it about?  Well, check out the synopsis which is starting in...




Braun seems like a young Dan Marino.
Dillford is a town known for two things:  the best riblet sandwich you can find and the fact that humans, vampires and zombies all live together in peace there.  However, after an alien apocalypse arrives, it throws their whole peace into turmoil and it is up to three teenagers to save the day.  Can the human Dag (Nicholas Braun), the recently turned vampire Petra (Mackenzie Davis) and the depressed genius who willing turned into a zombie; Ned (Josh Fadem), save the town and make the aliens leave?

It was always going to be aliens.  That dude with the weird hair from the show and
memes was right the whole time!

I haven’t read many reviews of this film on the internet but, from what I saw, the consensus for the feature are negative.  However, I’m not one to automatically follow the flow of the critical river (I guess being a wannabe critic affords me that luxury).  That being said, I really enjoyed this film.

And did I mention the sex appeal this film has?

Right off the bat, the concept is very fun and the script is fantastic.  Not only does it bring in incredibly hilarious scenes but it does a great job of filtering foreshadowing moments early on in the film—which always felt like non-consequential things at the time but ultimately played out in big ways—and it does a fantastic job of providing unique parallels to the high school experience but shown through the lens of vampires and zombies.  I found it wickedly creative and excellently written from pretty much the moment the feature started.

I could go for the easy joke and say how the vampires in this were cooler than
the ones in Twilight but who really cares about Twilight  anymore anyway?

All I had to hear was Keegan-Michael Key was in this
film and I was sold.
The film also contains an amazing cast.  The three main players are all great as the focal point of the story (and I was very impressed with Josh Fadem as a zombie.  That guy is fantastic with the physical comedy bits) but there are some great smaller roles played by some very funny people.  Proven funny makers like Denis Leary, Keegan-Michael Key, Bob Odenkirk, Joan Cusack, Ian Roberts, Rachel Harris, Mae Whitman and Patton Oswalt all provide support and help make an already funny film even more hilarious with their scene-stealing moments and hilarious one-liners.  To be honest, the only performer I didn’t care for in this film was Vanessa Hudgens and that wasn’t really for her performance (not that it was very memorable to begin with) but more out of the fact that her character just felt needless in the overall story.

Some of the funniest lines in this film are uttered by Ian Roberts here.

Hudgens really proved to the be the only thing I didn’t enjoy about the film.  Granted, her character does have a role to play but she never felt truly necessary for the overall plot.  I will also concede that there was a moment or two that the story dragged but, overall, I felt Freaks of Nature was a wickedly entertaining, super creative, and very funny film.  The film clearly understands the genres it is playing with and also knows how to present its story in a way that is light enough to be hilarious but dark enough that it works with the subject matter of vampires, zombies and aliens.  Additionally, the film excellent works in a campy appearance to its special effects that only enhance the overall presentation of the story and film.  I definitely think I can see this one entering into my normal rotation and find myself watching this one many more times in the future.

Oh yeah, Ann from Arrested Development is a zombie in this.  I know what you
are thinking:  Her?

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