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Spectre – 4 out of 5

I’ve never really considered myself a James Bond fan.  I’ve watched the films in the past and never really had a strong opinion on them.  There are ones I like, ones I don’t and there are some that have epic themes songs that I absolutely love but I’ve never really considered myself a fan of the character or the franchise…that is, until Daniel Craig became Bond.  I won’t deny that my man-crush on the guy was a big factor but when I watched Casino Royale, I was sold and have been a fan since.  I really wanted to see Spectre in the theater but the money just wasn’t there when it was out but I rushed at the opportunity to see it once it hit home media.  Critical consensus and audience reactions have been polarizing and it had me fearing the worst…but I enjoyed this one very much!

Maybe I loved this because I have a deep Man-Crush on Daniel Craig.
But he wouldn't know since he put that restraining order on me.

After an incident in Mexico City, Agent 007 James Bond (Daniel Craig) is suspended from MI6.  However, that doesn’t stop the super-agent as a posthumous message from M (Judi Dench) warns of danger looming over the world.  Soon, Bond discovers an evil organization called Spectre and the leader of this group (Christoph Waltz) has a very deep interest in the famous spy.

Yes, I wanna be a Bond villain but I still wanna wear those suits.

Yeah, I geeked out pretty hard when I saw that Moriarty
from Sherlock was in this.
I heard from a lot of people that this film is the worst James Bond movie ever made and how it was boring and how they contemplated suicide after watching it and how they hate Daniel Craig for this and it made me realize that I know a lot of people who like to exaggerate and don’t understand that the actor playing a role isn’t necessarily the one who wrote the film.  Aside from these people, I did have a few friends tell me they liked it and, considering how much I loved Skyfall, I was still excited to see it despite what I heard.  And honestly, the moment the film started and provided an absolutely amazing constructed sequence at the Day of the Dead festival, I can honestly say that I do not agree with the ones that hated the film...but I'm not rendering your opinion invalid.  You are entitled to what you think and I support you for that.

Just having Waltz in the film already makes it nearly impossible for me to hate it.

That's a whole lot of badass coming through.
I’ll admit that I didn’t think this one was as epic as the last film and it did suffer from some weaknesses.  Probably my most minor complaint was the fact I didn’t care for the theme song by Sam Smith.  The song definitely captures the essence of what a Bond theme song needs but I just didn’t dig the tune—but that’s not really a deal-breaker here.  One of the biggest issues I had with the film is the disappoint I had with the fact that the film’s villains do not feel like they are in the film enough.  Dave Bautista plays a badass henchmen who is, unfortunately, expelled from the film way too prematurely and Christoph Waltz really need to be seen more in the film—for no other reason than the fact I love to hear him deliver lines.  Finally, there’s also the disappointing and lackluster reveal of who Waltz is in the film.  I won’t give out spoilers but he’s a major character in the Bond canon and the fact of who he is was just too obvious and the actual reveal just didn’t feel that momentous.

Just think, that could be me sitting there in the dark and being a maniacal genius!

These minor complaints aside, I still had a lot of fun watching Spectre.  I really enjoyed that this film is continuing this rebooted franchise’s progression of working away from the gritty begins and returning to the more quirky aspects of the old films.  I still absolutely love Daniel Craig as Bond.  Having Monica Bellucci be a Bond Girl is a great decision and Léa Seydoux, who plays the main Bond Girl in this feature, was just awesome and her sass she threw at Bond was endlessly entertaining.  And, finally, the action is a great blend of excitement mixed with some very amusing gags.

The back-and-forths between her and James were very entertaining.

Yes, the audiences and critics were definitely split on this film and I found myself falling into the positive camp.  It had everything I wanted from a Bond film and all the complaints I had were very minor and did little to hurt my overall entertainment.  I really hope Craig’s aging body can muster up enough strength to do one or two more movies because, with the way the films are going, I would love to see him fully embrace the charms of the old films into this new franchise.

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