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Deathgasm – 4 out of 5

Grow out your hair, wear as much studded leather and black as you can and throw up those devil horns because I’m reviewing Deathgasm—a New Zealand dark comedy with quite possibly the best title I’ve seen in a long time.  Let’s do it!

Way more preferable to see than a Juggalo.  Way more.

Social outcast Brodie (Milo Cawthorne) finds himself living with some uptight Christian relatives.  His metal-loving ways are frightening to them and this also makes him an outsider at his school.  Eventually, Brodie befriends some other social nobodies named Dion (Sam Berkley) and Giles (Daniel Cresswell).   He then forms a band with these two and another metalhead named Zakk (James Blake).  Now, when he’s not trying to get the attention of his crush; Medina (Kimberley Crossman), he and Zakk get their hands on some evil sheet music that claims to open up the gates of hell.  Now, without truly buying the power of the dark magic held in the music, the boys accidentally summon up the minions of darkness and unleash a demon apocalypse on their small town.

Those crazy religious zealots were right about metal being the devil's music!!!

Right off the bat, it’s very clear that this movie and the creators truly understand the metal culture.  Not only is the music filled with ripping guitar riffs and growling lyrics but the imagery of brutality in the demon fights and the addition of fantasy and Satanic imagery really helps sell the very nature of this music and the culture that is defined by it.  Not only does the film present this excellently, they also present it in an over-the-top way enough that it can make this culture funny without resorting to mockery or insults.  While I might not be the biggest fan of the genre of music that accompanies this film, it really provides a great accompaniment to the comedy, action and atmosphere.

Also, it has a scene that involves lasers shooting out of eyes.  As a man who, at least
three times a times tries to accomplish this feat, it gets my seal of approval.

I also really dug the make-up effects on the demons.  Granted, they weren’t too unique and they all basically had the same look but there was no denying that they looked good.  The same level of quality is seen in the films jokes and gags.  Overall, the film is very entertaining and amusing but there were a good share of gags that were incredibly weak and made more than a few moments feel awkward.  However, there’s precious few demon horror films were you get to see the monsters attacked with big dildos and anal beads.  So, even with some weak moments in the comedy, there’s still a shining light beaming behind it.

See, that's the dildo that will later be used against the agents of darkness.

As far as the performances are concerned, I can’t say I was overly impressed with them.  Never did I find any of the actors bad and, in the case of Cawthorne and Crossman, there are some really great performances going on but, overall, I found most of the performers to be mostly serviceable.  Finally, I have to say I was a little disappointed with some of the deaths in the film.  There are great moments of murder and mayhem (see the dildo/anal beads combo, as well as a great killing gag of a non-demon individual) but, too often, the scenes of death were kinda weak—especially when it concerned the supporting characters and the members of the core squad of characters.

Oh no!  This guy just watched *Insert Whatever Terrible Movie You Hate Here*

I know it sounds like I have a lot of complaints about Deathgasm but that’s not really the case.  I admit that I didn’t find an overall consistent level of quality in all the things in the film but when the film is bad, it’s only on a level of bad that isn’t as great as when the film is good (if that made any sense at all)—and when this film is good, it is very good.  Overall, I found the feature to be very fun and very amusing.  Dark comedies are still a very acquired taste but this film is definitely a great one and one that really understands and loves the metal culture.

I know this shouldn't be but this shot is pretty damn adorable.

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