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Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

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Mission:  Impossible – Rogue Nation – 5 out of 5

Well, here we are, the most current film in the franchise:  Mission:  Impossible – Rogue Nation.  I really wanted to see this one in the theaters the second I saw Tom Cruise hanging from a plane in the trailer (which, by the way, I totally believe was something that came about after Cruise decided to hold onto the plane on a dare and director Christopher McQuarrie just filmed it and worked it into the film).  Anyway, various circumstances—either involving funds or time, both being a lack of—prevented me from seeing it but now that it was released on Blu-Ray and DVD and now that I watched the franchise in order, it’s time to get to Rogue Nation!

"Dammit, Cruise just grabbed onto that plane while it was taking off.  Quick, someone
get a camera and film that.  We'll figure out a way to work it into
the final cut later."

While Director of the CIA; Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin), works on trying to shut down the IMF, agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) learns that the long believed mythical crime organization called the Syndicate do, in fact, exist.  After the CIA successfully takes down the IMF, Hunt remains on the run and is looking for clues on the Syndicate.  With help from his fellow former agents; Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames), Benji (Simon Pegg), Brandt (Jeremy Renner) and an MI6 agent undercover in the Syndicate (Rebecca Ferguson), Hunt is out to stop the criminal organization and reinstate the IMF.

ABC, Always Be Closing...secret government spy organizations now, I guess.

Car jumps are cool but backwards car jumps are better!
Like pretty much every film in this series, it starts with a bang and is incredibly exciting—not to spoil anything but it’s right at the beginning where we see Cruise hanging from a plane.  Additionally, like most of the films, the action is just top notch and super enthralling.  Rogue Nation does not hold back in this aspect and each and every action set piece looks meticulously crafted to get the most exciting and edge-of-your-seat suspense.  For example, this film has what might be one of the best car/motorcycle chase I’ve ever seen committed to film.  Additionally, like some of the best examples in this series, the mission sequences are wickedly creative in their execution and even offer a nice bit of wit to go with them.

This movie really outdoes itself with the action.  Like here, where Cruise is diving
feet first into a watery butthole.

Like all previous entries in the Mission:  Impossible franchise, the cast is terrific and they are all doing their job amazingly.  From a personal standpoint, it’s nice to see Luther as a part of the team again and not just delegated to a cameo role and, this time around, Simon Pegg’s performance was even and solid the entire film.  As I stated in my review of Ghost Protocol, I felt Pegg was laying it on a little thick and was trying a little too hard to be the goofy character of the team but, in this film, he felt a little more natural and really blended with everyone else and was standing out only in a good way.

No hard feelings for what I said in the last review?
(I still hold onto hope that Pegg reads this...and wants to be my friend.)

Finally, I really enjoyed the character of Isla Faust—the MI6 agent that was undercover in the Syndicate.  Not only is Rebecca Ferguson excellent with her performance but the way the character is written is completely fantastic.  When she was first introduced, I was worried that, even though she would be a killer spy, she would still end up just being a love interest to Ethan Hunt—similar to how Thandie Newton’s character was supposed to be this incredible thief in the 2nd film but was really just something for Hunt to smooch on.  Instead, Faust is a killer spy who can kick ass just as well (maybe even better) than Hunt.  While there were some hints that Faust could one day, in a future sequel, be Hunt’s sweetie, this was never overtly played and merely only hinted at in a very mild manner and having this female spy who was just an absolute badass without having to be a maiden in distress, a princess needing rescuing or just a love interest really helped make a film that is made to stand out on its action merits.

Boy, she was badass.  I really want to see her kick more ass in the next one.

In the grand scheme of things, I have to say that Mission:  Impossible – Rogue Nation stands as my second favorite in the series—with the third one being my top one, the first one being next in line, Ghost Protocol after that and the 2nd film being my least.  Usually in film franchises, the more sequels that come out the weaker the entries become but this series is one of those few ones that continues to pump out very exciting entertainment that leaves me salivating for more.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next and what stupidly insane thing Tom Cruise is willing to do for it.

Wanna know a secret?  Luther is one of my favorite characters.  I don't know if
I've mentioned that in the other reviews.

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