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Mission: Impossible III

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Mission:  Impossible III – 5 out of 5

Here we are, we’ve come to my absolutely favorite film in the Mission:  Impossible franchise.  Amazingly, however, I didn’t think that the first time I saw it.  Why is that?  Well, at the time, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Tom Cruise (which is no longer the case anymore) and when I first watched the feature it was on a plane and there was no sound—because I’ll be damned if I was going to pay money for those headphones the airline was charging for.  When I decided to sit down and go through the whole franchise, this unofficially became the first time I watched Mission:  Impossible III (does it really count when you watch it without sound and it’s competing with a pretty sweet lightning storm going on outside the plane?) and it was awesome from beginning to end and, even after finishing off the franchise (which I will review in order), this one became the one that stood out and is easily, hands down, my favorite!

Sure, part of that reason is because PSH is the antagonist and he was amazing and
I kinda look like him but there's still so much more I loved!

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is now retired from IMF field work and is trying to live a normal life with his fiancée; Julia Meade (Michelle Monaghan).  Unfortunately, Hunt’s past comes a-calling when one of the recruits he trained (played by Keri Russell) uncovers a plot involving an arms dealer named Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and how he is trying to get his hands on something called the “Rabbit’s Foot.”  The mission to get Davian and the “Rabbit’s Foot” hits the usual impossible standards when it’s revealed that someone in the IMF is aiding Davian and the arms dealer kidnaps Hunt’s fiancée.  Now it’s time for Ethan to accept his mission, get a team together, and save the day.

I'm sure she's fine.

Like all the other films, M: I: III has a fantastic and very exciting beginning but director J. J. Abrams knocks this opening out of the park and really brings the tension.  Right away it got its hooks in me and what follows is a feature with an excellent cast, killer action and an absolutely enthralling story.

Let's do it again!

I bet that's really Cruise and it didn't take much
convincing from Abrams to get the man to leap off
the building.
Abrams is a ridiculously talented writer and director and he really proved to be my favorite director to take up a Mission:  Impossible film.  Everything he did in this movie—from the way he presented the action and the slick way he had the mission sequences edited to the clever way he showcased Ethan Hunt putting on a Owen Davian mask (seriously, that part is amazing!  Abrams delivers it very cleverly as he tricks you into thinking that once we see Hunt start with putting the mask on that Cruise will switch places with Hoffman after the camera passes by Ving Rhames’ back but, instead, it’s still clearly Cruise but what follows is a true testament to special effects wizardry as Cruise seamlessly morphs into Hoffman—it’s pure awesome!)—Abrams just understood what makes a great M: I movie and he did it in a big way.

Let's go through this step-by-step...First, Cruise in a PSH mask...
Pass behind Ving Rhames back and think that Hoffman will now be in shot...
Nope, still Cruise in the mask...
And now he magically morphed--absolutely seamlessly--into Hoffman.
(Also, there's Luther--love that guy!)

When you add in the fact that Philip Seymour Hoffman was just an amazing antagonist on top of everything else in the movie that it became ridiculously easy to get sucked into this film and be carried away with how exciting it was.  Additionally, if you read my last review of Mission:  Impossible II, I mentioned how I felt Ethan Hunt seemed like a completely different character than what he was in the first film but this time around, Hunt feels a little more like an developed version of what he was in the initial feature than the completely different dude I saw in the second film.

"No fair!  I got you!"

"No, you didn't!"

I love the gritty look of Mission:  Impossible III, the action is beyond satisfying, the story is just killer, Hoffman is an amazing antagonist (you are missed, good sir) and Abrams expertly crafted the mission sequences to be smooth, flowing and fun.  Never is there a point where this film dragged for me, it had the right amount of humor and the performances from everyone are fantastic and it ultimately made for a film that is super entertaining and all-around exciting.  I said it at the beginning but, without a doubt, this is my favorite film in the franchise!

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