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Bone Tomahawk

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Bone Tomahawk – 4 out of 5

After watching Bone Tomahawk, I came to the conclusion that this film needed a lot more press because it is awesome.  The only reason I heard of it was seeing its poster on the RedBox (name drop) machine and hearing from my friends how great it was.  When you have a western that involves murderous cannibals AND it has Kurt “F#@king” Russell in it, you should be required by law to sell the shit out of that film because this movie is amazeballs!

For example, this movie had David Arquette in it and it didn't leave me hating
myself like so many of his other films!  (I'm kidding, David.  I loved you in Scream.)

Kurt Russell just looks like he belongs in Old West
In the 1890s in a small town of Bright Hope, Sheriff Hunt (Kurt Russell) finds a strange drifter (David Arquette) come into his town.  After an altercation results in a bullet to the leg of the drifter, Hunt leaves the local doctor’s assistant; Samantha O’Dwyer (Lili Simmons), to operate on the man but, come the morning, finds a stable boy murdered and the doctor, drifter and a deputy kidnapped.  A local Native American informs the sheriff and town that they were taken by a dangerous cannibalistic clan called the troglodytes.  Sheriff Hunt gathers Samantha’s husband Arthur (Patrick Wilson), his co-deputy Chicory (Richard Jenkins) and the best shooter in town; Mr. Brooder (Matthew Fox), and together they set out to rescue their friends from the murderous cannibals.

"So, you guys wanna visit the brothel after we kills these cannibals or something?"

To be perfectly honest, the initial reason I watched this film was because Kurt Russell is in it.  I’ve been a fan of the man since I was a little boy and regard him so highly as an actor that all I have to hear is that he is in a film and I’ll watch it without knowing anything about the product.  Finding out that this film was also a Western and involved cowboys taking out cannibals was just the icing on the cake.  It really is a great story that is filled with very brutal action and lots of tension and it results in a very entertaining watch.

The weakness of the cannibals turned out to be bullets.

The only real downside I found in Bone Tomahawk is the fact that the film is a little on the long side and there were times that the story dragged but these moments are very rare and, for the most part, the story moved along very well and, in that time, developed the characters and the conflict very effectively.  From a horror/slasher film standpoint, the story takes a slow-burn approach to the horrors this movie has to offer and this approach really makes the shock appeal that occurs in the final act to be very attention-grabbing and amazingly horrifying.  In fact, the gore and shock that hits is so unexpected and so sudden and intense in its gore and brutality that my girlfriend—a woman who is obsessed with horror films and has decorated our house in a permanent state of Halloween—actually gagged and nearly threw up during one of the more gory and disgusting sequences.  I’ve never seen her react that way with a slasher film.

I won't show you the gore.  Instead, here's a pic of Matthew Fox looking
dapper as f#@k.

Aside from the truly terrific performances and the shocking brutality that is delivered in the final act, this film also delivers great visuals and some absolutely incredible dialogue thanks to writer/director S. Craig Zahler.  Each and every single line stated by the cast completes the very authentic Old West feel this movie delivers.  The costumes and sets already scream Western but the way every character speaks was absolutely captivating and was honestly my favorite part about the film.  I know it’s weird to say that my favorite part of a Western horror film is how the characters talked but when you hear these lines of dialogue, it’s hard to not get pulled in by them.

You know what?  I'm just going to say it:  Kurt Russell has the best goddamn
head of hair in Hollywood.

Bone Tomahawk is one of those excellently put together films that offers up great characters, authentic feeling atmosphere and incredible performances.  Additionally, it’s a slow-burn intense film that builds at an excellent pace and culminates in real moments of shock and a completely killer ending.  There were moments and times I felt the running length was too long and some of the moments where the posse is traveling to save their friends might have dragged a bit but, in the end, these moments were worth it because it proved to be just an excellently crafted and wonderfully entertaining film.

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