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Sinister 2

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Sinister 2 – 2 out of 5

The first film holds a special place in my heart because I enjoyed it a lot and it was the film my girlfriend and I saw on our first date.  When I saw the trailer for Sinister 2, I was fairly excited but a tad on the pessimistic side because, based on the subject material of the initial film, this one had me worried it was going to be nothing but a retread of what was already seen but, this time, with new characters.  On the surface, the film does appear to be forging new ground but does the film ultimately live up to the entertainment the previous movie gave me?

There's a truly tasteless and offensive joke here but, considering how I've been losing
what few followers I have lately, I'm just not going to risk making it.

Kids just attract evil because they, themselves, are
evil.  One of the biggest reasons I won't have children.
Deputy So-and-So (James Ransone) is back and he’s hunting down the Bughuul—the ancient creature that claimed the lives of Ellison Oswalt and his family from the first film…he’s probably also wondering why he hasn’t been given a proper name in this franchise yet.  Thinking he’s going to find the house that will stop the cycle of killings, the deputy is shocked to find the supposedly empty home occupied by Courtney Collins (Shannyn Sossamon) and her two children; Dylan (Robert Daniel Sloan) and Zach (Dartania Sloan).  Courtney fled from her abusive husband with her two children to the home; however, unbeknownst to the deputy, the youngest; Dylan, is being visited by the ghost of children who were pressured by the Bughuul to murder their families.  Now the ghosts want Dylan to do what they did but, having seen the horror first hand, the deputy is going all-out to stop the Bughuul once and for all.

Seriously, give this guy a f#@king name!!!  He deserves it!

There was no denying the potential Sinister 2 had and the promise it held to live up to the scares of the first film.  Hell, the film does a great job of bringing back the chilling and unique music that really made the last one stand out and it even goes a step further by offering up some more development of the background of the Bughuul.  This development was super interesting and it really made me want to see more of the Bughuul's history and the other atrocities it has done.  Finally, James Ransone is so charismatic, charming and endearing as his character that it was nice to see him in the lead role.  I was actually a tad worried if he could handle the lead and carry the film but he actually did a great job…I just wish the rest of the film was as good as he was.

This is definitely one of the film's creepier moments.

From a performance perspective and a visual standpoint, the film is very good.  There wasn’t anyone in the cast—even the younger performers—that weren’t doing their job well and the film still has the excellently crafted atmosphere of the first film and director CiarĂ¡n Foy fantastically uses darkness and shadow to keep the feel from the previous feature.  However, the film loses a lot of potential as the scares lacked subtlety and build-up—a key quality of the first film—but it doesn’t get any worse than feeling like the film had no guts to it and that too much of it felt rushed.

I also didn't care for the fact that the Bughuul expert was smiling during times he
was describing the horrible shit that the Bughuul does.  That was...a strange
choice for the performer.

While the film does get a little dark in the end (and does annoyingly copy the exact final seconds of the last film), it doesn’t go as far as the super dark ending of the first film and it gives the entire product a weaker feel and like it was actively trying to tack on a happier ending.  Matters aren’t helped when the story suddenly feels like it was abandoning the development it was starting to grow organically and then suddenly scrambles to get to the final act of the film and shove it all together in the closing moments.  Right as the conflict really starts to get interesting and the build-up and development feels like it has a lot more to go the film up and jumps to the finale and what’s delivered feels empty and just blah.

"HEY!  How ya folks doing?  Can I get you anything?  More soda and chips, maybe?"

Finally, I really didn’t care for the point of view for the Bughuul’s plans being shown through the kids in the Collin family.  One of the things that made the first film so captivating with its story for me was the fact that the Bughuul manipulates the children to kill their family but the perspective of that manipulation is shown through a father that is trying to figure out what the hell is going on.  This made for some amazing scares that sent shivers down my spine as the film would show ghostly activity going on around the man but all he ever saw was the few moments when the Bughuul wanted him to see him.  All-in-all, it made for a very scary film for me but this time around the perspective is shown from the children and we see the ghost kiddies basically leading the kids down the path of Bughuul’s manipulation.  This cut down on the intrigue for me big time and really made the entire product feel lazy.  There was no underlying mystery other than a single twist that wasn’t that interesting. 

"Hello, we're the ghosts and we're here to hold the viewers hands through every
second of this narrative."

Sinister 2 has its moments—for example, the Super 8 films of the families dying is still super messed up and horrifying to watch—but the film ultimately felt like a weakly and too quickly churned out sequel.  It still has the feel and look of the first film and James Ransone is so fun to watch but, sadly, the film just lacked in the scares and lacked even further in the interest department.  I wanted to enjoy this one as much as the first one but it just ended up feeling like a quickly thrown together sequel without much substance to it.


  1. You bring up valid points and I know that not many fans were fond of this entry. For me it was the exact opposite, I couldn't fully enjoy Sinister (2012). The first half was great but the last half felt predictable. Plus, I didn't feel the characters were that sympathetic. There was constant arguing and knowing Oswalt keeping the films a secret was frustrating potboiler. We are also never explained as to why Oswalt's son has those random freaky nightmares actions. I actually enjoyed the relationship between deputy so&so with Courtney collins. That music though! I enjoyed Christopher Young's score for the first and duo Tomandandy for the this did a good job replicating it. Oh well,...if they do make a third, we will see where it goes.

    1. The third one will be where our viewpoints align!


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