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Unfinished Business

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Unfinished Business – 1 out of 5

I won’t say that my expectations were high for Unfinished Business but I definitely hoped it was going to be amusing.  The film was directed by Ken Scott; the man who directed Vince Vaughn in Delivery Man and I really enjoyed that film, and the film was written by Steve Conrad; a man who has a decent number of dramedy credits to his name.  Sadly, the final product was far less than what I had hoped it was going to be.

Get your mind out of the gutter...they're looking at paperwork.

"Before I quit, let me first read my list of people
who need to fuck right off..."
Dan Trunkman (Vince Vaughn) is having some trouble with his boss (Sienna Miller).  He’s getting screwed out of his full commission on a sale and decides that he’s going to leave and start his own company.  Two former coworkers; the older and very wise Timothy McWinters (Tom Wilkinson) and the younger and inexperienced Mike Pancake (Dave Franco).  Sometime after trying to establish their company; Apex Select, they get a tip on a big sale but it requires them to take an extended business trip that takes them from Portland to overseas in Berlin.  This sale can make or break the men and, if that wasn’t enough, they have to deal with Mike’s na├»ve nature, Timothy’s desire to cheat on his wife due to an unhappy marriage and Dan has to juggle being a working man and a father.

They're like the three amigos but in business suits.
Really, that's all I got for this caption.

The trailer for this film didn’t make it look like a laugh riot and it did look a tad generic with the whole underdogs trying to beat the big boys and somehow managing to get some party antics that included Dave Franco taking a dart to the chest but it did look like it could provide some fun and entertainment.  While I enjoy Vince Vaughn there’s no denying that many of his films do come off very similar but, for the most part, I dig the formula for his films and even when they are bad they still have the moments that make it worth watching.  I was pretty surprised how this film bucked the tread and I found a movie that fell short on not just its comedy but on its story, characters and its drama.
A dart to the chest...we've all been there.

One thing was overwhelmingly obvious in Unfinished Business and that is the fact the entire film feels incomplete.  The moment the film starts, it feels like the story jumped 5 minutes ahead in the DVD and what follows is comedy that never feels like it is trying, drama that can’t quite get itself mixed in with all the flat jokes, character development that keeps feeling like it wants to get going and evolving but just can’t find the experience points it needs to do so and a story that feels like it is just chugging along on fumes and with no real ambition to do anything more than the bare minimum.

The main cast of Vaughn, Wilkinson and Franco are doing their jobs as best as they can and the supporting cast compose of the likes of Sienna Miller, June Diane Raphael, Nick Frost and James Marsden are all doing perfectly functional for what the script requires of them but with all the problems that is bogging this film down they just can’t save the movie.  There’s an almost valiant effort from the cast to make the weak comedy work but their almost heroic undertaking ends up with sequences that see these actors floundering around out in the open with nothing to lean on or anything to rescue them from the pain of bad punchlines.

You did your best, son, but the problems with this movie hide elsewhere.

I really wanted to like Unfinished Business but the film just feels so empty and incomplete.  The story never feels completely feathered out and like many things that could have made the plot feel more comprehensive felt like they were just left on the editing room floor, and the jokes in the film keep falling flat as they painfully attempt to be raunchy or of a slapstick nature.  The cast is good but not good enough to make the film worth watching.

That shade actually works very well for him, though, and it might be the best
part of the film.

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