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Insidious: Chapter 3

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Insidious:  Chapter 3 – 3 out of 5

I wasn’t the most impressed with the first film but was pleasantly surprised with the second one—in fact, I actually thought that if you either watch the two back-to-back or edited them together as a single cohesive film, they would make one really great horror film.  What I’m saying is that the second complimented the first one so well that it actually makes the first even better.  So, that being said, how does Insidious:  Chapter 3 stack up?

What filter will she use for her breakfast photo?  WHAT FILTER?!?

Set before the events in the first and second film, Chapter 3 sees a young girl named Quinn (Stefanie Scott) seek the aid of the psychic Elise Rainer (Lin Shaye).  Elise discovers that Quinn attempted to contact her deceased mother but something else heard and is now tormenting her in her home.  Elise seems to be the only person who can help but fears what hides in the darkness because of a vengeful spirit that wishes her dead.  After Quinn’s father (Dermot Mulroney) realizes what is happening, he is desperate to save his daughter and he enlists the aid of two bumbling ghost hunters:  Tucker (Angus Sampson) and Specs (writer and, making his directorial debut with this one, Leigh Whannell).  Unfortunately, the two are in over their head against the spirit tormenting Quinn but Elise soon realizes that she is the only who can save the young girl and will enter the darkness to rescue her…even if it means facing her darkest enemy.

How can you sleep with x-mas lights on your bed's headboard?

Chapter 3 offers up a nice beginning to the Insidious series and, more importantly, it gives us another opportunity to see Lin Shaye as the awesome badass psychic Elise.  This sequel offers up a very simple, but entertaining, story and it doesn’t spend too much of its time trying to create origins to what we’ve seen in the first two or spend too much time setting up stuff that was already established.  Yes, it gives us a few nods and winks to the events we saw in the first two and it is cool seeing how Elise got hooked up with the goofballs Tucker and Specs but the refreshing thing is the film is all about how Elise got her groove back and how she got over her fear of spirits that lurk in the darkness and why she is so determined to help the living from the dead.

Elise is a fantastic and strong female character...who won't run away from the
darkness wetting her pants like I would end up doing.

I'm too lazy to make a teenager/cutter joke here.
The acting in this feature is definitely top notch.  The new cast members might not be as memorable as the already established members but they are definitely doing their jobs well.  Then again, it’s pretty hard to compare to Sampson, Whannell and Shaye because, at this point, they are not only established but they have their characters down pat and are just dominating.  I know in my review of the first film I didn’t care for Sampson and Whannell’s character because I felt their comedic relief didn’t feel right (and I stick by that) but their humorous actions worked far better in the second film and, once again, they seem to fit excellently in this one.  This time around they are toned down a lot but they still have some fun moments.  My favorite aspect of the cast, however, was just how amazingly awesome Lin Shaye is as Elise.  She’s been great in all the films but she really gets to be a badass in this film—there’s a scene that can only be described as her being a member of the Supernatural Avengers because she has a moment against her astral-antagonist and it makes Elise look all kinds of badass.

Elise is kicking ghost ass!

Scare-wise, Chapter 3 has its moments but isn’t overwhelming terrifying.  Whannell does a great job of mimicking the atmosphere that James Wan create so well in the previous films but I still didn’t find the film that unnerving.  There’s a moment or two that did raise the hair on the back of my neck or actually made me jump but, overall, I wouldn’t say the film is very scary.  In my review of the first film, I stated that I wasn’t scared with that one and only found a moment or two that was creepy and, I have to say, that I walked away with a similar feeling for this one in the scare department.

Oh, that face in the shadows is creepy.

OH SHIT!  That's much worse.  Much, much, much worse!
I've come to love these two.
Insidious:  Chapter 3 is a great addition to the franchise that has a great cast, tells a decent story and the film looks excellent.  The film does sorta feel like a generic sequel to a horror franchise but it works effectively better than most franchises do when they get to their third film.  It wasn’t the scariest (except in the final moments, dear sweet and sour cheese fries, I nearly pissed myself there) but the final product is very entertaining and it really has me desiring to see more stories of Elise taking on angry spirits.

"Okay, all we need now is another female on the team and a dog..."

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