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You're Next

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You’re Next – 3 out of 5

Hey look, it’s another one of those movies where a group of people out in a house in the middle of nowhere are being attacked by masked men. 

We need a movie where masked men bring candy and not death.

The dad is angry because no one is complimenting his
sweater vest.
I pretty much just gave you the story in the last sentence but I’ll elaborate a little more…a family of rich, very unlikeable people get together in a large house in the middle of nowhere to enjoy some family time—in this rich family’s case, I assume it was suppose to be just one giant dick measuring contest about who is the snobbiest and, probably, the whitest. The beginning festivities are quickly interrupted when men in animal masks start attacking the house and begin killing off the family one by one. Now it’s up to the girlfriend of one of the sons (played by Sharni Vinson) to step up and try and get them out alive.

"I'll find you Beer Baron."

When the trailers came out for this one, I wasn’t sold because it literally looked no different than the dozen other films that have come out like this—especially The Strangers. You’re Next essentially looked exactly like that film only, I assumed, that the attackers didn’t have the ability to teleport the way the strangers could (seriously, watch that movie. Those dudes were Nightcrawlers in masks). So, needless to say, I wasn’t sold on this film but since I will literally give every movie at least one chance, I gave the film a view.

"'You're Next?'  Next for what?"

You’re Next (or, if you are a subscribing member to the internet and any social networking site, the film is called Your Next) definitely has its moments. Director Adam Wingard really knew how to make a tension filled atmosphere and then make it dance. Several times in the film, there are great jump scares choreographed and are, shockingly, a genuine surprise as Wingard does nothing to set them up in the usual way and has them come from out of nowhere—he doesn’t even use music or clich├ęd set-ups, he just scares us with no apologies. It was actually really refreshing to see this formula used.

How on earth can he see anything in that mask?

The problem I had with this film, however, was the fact it quickly wore out its welcome and the motivation for why the attackers are killing this family was way too obvious (and no, it’s not because the family is made up of extremely unlikeable characters). Before the third body hit the ground, I made a guess as to why the family was being attacked and, sure as the shit that I stepped in this morning (damn dogs), I was right. However, it wasn’t the fact that I was correct in guessing the motivation; it was the motivation itself I couldn’t stand. It was just…too silly for me to take seriously. It was as hard to take seriously as a gypsy cursing a bank employee because her mortgage wasn’t extended. But, come on, no one would make a movie with that stupid of a premise.

The mother, apparently, is a Joan Cusack cosplayer.

As far as acting was concerned, Sharni Vinson was excellent as the film’s heroine but, aside from that, the film doesn’t produce many memorable performances. For the most part, the film contains passable-to-overacting with its players. However, it was kinda strange seeing Rob Moran in this type of film as I am only used to seeing him in Farrelly Brothers movies.

I have a hard time in seeing him in anything but Kingpin.

The film’s double-edged sword comes from the fact the movie wastes no time in getting going. Pretty much the only development we get in the characters is the fact they are a family, we kinda get their names thrown at us, and we see that they are like every other family in that they enjoy their petty squabbling…also, they all come off slightly spoiled, so rooting to see any of them live proved to be a little difficult. While it’s cool to see the film waste no time and get right down to the gore, this ended up hurting my enjoyment as the film started to feel repetitive and worn out before the film even hit its hour mark. There just wasn’t enough depth to the characters or meat to the film’s story to keep me interested. Once I figured out the killer’s motivation, watching the people be killed in, I have to admit, very unimaginative ways didn’t make the film any more interesting to me and just made me think the film should have been an entire half hour shorter.  Maybe even better as a short film.

It's rare when you see a movie killer salute their victims.

When it comes to tone, music and all-around visual presentation, You’re Next does a great job for the thriller genre. However, while it looked good and actually had some decent chills to it, it didn’t feel different from any of the other films that is released similar to this one.

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