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Rush – 5 out of 5

I follow Ron Howard on Twitter because the guy is talented and I like to see what he’s working on and what projects he’s excited about. While working on Rush, it was clear from his tweets that he was very passionate about this film. When I saw the trailer, I was interested (hell, Thor is in it!) but not to the point that I had to hit the theater and take a look at it.

Boy, that was a mistake.

And the next race is on Rainbow Road!

Based on the true story of the famous racing rivalry between James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) during the Formula 1 1976 racing season, the film shows how the two men battle each other on the race circuit to be number one. Hunt is driven by fun and excess while Lauda is driven by the sport itself and a need to be the best there is. The two opposite ideologies but similar goals caused the men to push at each other and push it on the pavement. Even the tragedy that strikes Lauda isn’t enough to stop him from beating Hunt.

Formula 1 racing is far classier than Nascar...even the lighting that fills this scene
reflects this.  Had this movie been about Nascar, the lighting would have been done
by a Miller Lite neon sign.

I’m not a racing fan—other than the fact they are driving fast, I don’t really understand the sport. I think there’s a point system or something involved and I’m assuming that there are pads littered on the track that make cars go faster and random spots of oil—also, I believe the cars have guns and missiles, too. I’m just not a sports guy, so unless the racing involves a blue turtle shell, there’s little chance I’m watching or being an active participant in it. Now, that being said…I really, REALLY liked Rush and can see why Howard was so passionate about this project.

Stop staring.  You have a Lannister brat to get under your thumb.

First off, the story is just interesting and watching what drives these two men to…well…drive was just attention grabbing. The movie really just held onto my attention thanks to the whole “they’re rivals but they have a certain respect for each other" thing it had. It’s what makes a great sports drama a great sports drama. No one wants to watch the movie about a really great sports team/person just lay waste to their opposition. No, you want to see the best duke it out and have a level of seething hatred for each other than is simultaneously dosed by the respect they have for each others potential and skills.

Hunt looks two seconds away from uttering the word, "Bro."

By the way, ladies, you get to see Hemsworth's butt
in this film.  You're welcome.
The story is only accentuated thanks to just spectacular performances from Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl. I honestly can't say enough great things about watching these two men. Not only did they bring these two characters to life and made them intriguing and captivating but watching them share scenes and engage in a battle of wits before races nearly made the entire film for me. The story and acting were so good together and melded so well, it made the film almost perfect and was able to make a dude who feels watching sports of any kind to be torturous (I’m talking about me), interested in a film that is entirely about a sport!

"Let's get this podrace started.  I earn my freedom from the Hutts if I win."

"This race is for my brother Mike.  Mike Hunt!  I'm winning
this for you!"
Okay, so yes, I don’t watch racing but I dig high speed action in movies and shows. While this isn’t something where people are racing after each other through crowded streets, the high speed action this film displays on the race course is still exciting as hell. The dynamic visuals Howard throws at you, when combined with the just fantastic sound this movie holds, really makes for sequences that put real life races to shame. It would be cliché to say the races were heart-pounding but the sound of the tires on the asphalt and the engines roaring like genetically engineered beasts while seeing fast pace cuts of cars blurring by and crowds cheering created some very exciting sequences in the film. It nearly made me want to start watching Formula 1 racing but then I remembered that the camera work on a real race is nowhere near as awesome as Ron Howard’s.

A camera man tries this at a real race, he might as well be a speed bump on the track.

I didn’t think Rush would be a movie for me but I was grossly wrong about that prediction. The film tells a great story of rivalry and motivation, the acting is top shelf stuff and the action and camera work are just capable of taking your breath away (well, mine anyway.  How's your breath holding up?). To say I was impressed and very entertained with Rush is to put it very, very lightly.


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