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Retreat – 2 out of 5

It’s the same old story: You go on vacation with your spouse and some nut-head comes in to ruin it all with some crazy talk, threats of violence and, the next thing you know, he fills you with piss-in-your-pants fear and ruins your vacation…and then the airline loses your luggage.

Ug, is Cillian going for a nipple twist?!?

A rare moment when someone using a Mac looks sad
and not smug.
In an effort to try and save their broken marriage, Martin (Cillian Murphy) takes his wife Kate (Thandie Newton) to an island cottage that they shared great times with during a sunnier part of their lives together. However, a problem bigger than dealing with the generator dying and forcing them to take cold baths falls on their doorstep when an injured man shows up. Taking him in, they soon learn that the man (Jamie Bell) may be unhinged as he starts ranting about how he escaped a local military instillation and is fleeing from a virus the instillation created and is raging up the English coast. The soldier, Jack, quickly starts sealing off the house and the two frightened rocky lovers now find themselves being held hostage by a man who may (or may not) be telling the truth…

The moral movies are always trying to teach us:  Being a good Samaritan will
ALWAYS lead to horrible and possible painful death.

For the most part, I dug where this film was going but most of the film's progression towards the climax was where it lost me. The film opens perfectly as we see Martin and Kate try to bury their real feelings and overwhelming pains and frustrations in order to enjoy a quiet getaway. The development of these two characters really makes you care for them and it helps when Jaime Bell’s enters the story and throws them into a loop of hysteria, fear and a fight for survival. All this is great for the film and it really makes for some tension but all is lost as the film starts to feel like it’s repeating itself over and over and over again to the point it tossed me out of the film and I felt like I couldn’t appreciate the clever twist ending.

Yep, I looked just like that.

This movie missed a prime moment for a Beats by Dre
product placement.
I really wanted to like this film because the characters were so intriguing, the performances were sharp and the movie has potential for horror and tension up the wazoo (and there’s a lot of room inside a wazoo); however, the film lost me when it got to the point where I kept seeing the same scene done over and over again. Towards the end and throughout most of the third act, the film suddenly felt like it dove into a Groundhog Day-like loop where we kept seeing Martin and Kate make a break for their freedom by overpowering Jack and then, ignoring their chance to end their horror by just shooting him when they have the chance or, doing the most horror film cliché thing possible in that situation, they think they have subdued Jack only to find out that he isn’t out of the game and gets the upper hand. This kept happening and it started to frustrate me to the point I no longer cared about the story, the plight of Martin and Kate or if Jack is telling the truth about some sinister virus that the military made.

"Just fucking shoot him already!!!" is what I yelled at the TV repeatedly.

There was so much potential and great things going on in this movie but it all was killed thanks to seeing the same thing be viciously repeated. Granted, there was not much the story could have done differently during this time in the film and the fact that it was located entirely within the cottage in order to create a sense of isolation and claustrophobia couldn't change this BUT I couldn’t help but think that more could have been done to create tension and terror than doing the same lather, rinse, repeat-style. I liked the concept of Retreat, and I enjoyed a lot of the execution…it just died right towards the end for me.


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