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Red 2

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Red 2 – 4 out of 5

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Red and, other than thinking that Morgan Freeman probably got paid way more than he needed to be for his limited amount of screen time, I really enjoyed the film. It was a great comic book adaptation/summer popcorn action film that was just plain fun to sit through. So, how does the sequel hold up?


Frank (Bruce Willis) is trying to live the normal life with his love Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) but his old days keep trying to pull him back in…also, his old operative buddy Marvin (John Malkovich). Soon, Frank finds himself in deep and becomes an enemy of the state because his name was listed as a participant for an operation called Nightshade. Now Frank, Sarah and Marvin must team up with their old friends, the MI6 operative Victoria (Helen Mirren) and the Russian agent and former love of Frank’s; Katja (Catherine Zeta-Jones), in order to find the deadly, untraceable weapon that came out of the Nightshade operation. Hunted by a government official (Neal McDonough) and a deadly hitman (Byung-hun Lee), the gang finds the man who worked on the project (Anthony Hopkins) and must try to coax out the weapon’s location from the man’s failing brain and save their skins in the process.

Helen Mirren is already sexy with her incredible acting talents and sophisticated
looks but dammit if this picture didn't make her 100 times sexier.

Just like the first film, I found this movie to be very enjoyable. The characters are fun, the action is delightfully over-the-top and the story feels worthy of the comic book that inspired this sequel…and did I mention the film is really funny?

"Hi, Neal McDonough here to fulfill the need for a generic, bland bad guy."

Don't worry, another Die Hard movie will come out and
he'll stop caring again.
Unlike most of the films he’s been in lately, Bruce Willis actually looks like he gives a damn about this one and is putting in some effort. His chemistry with the entire cast is palpable and they all play off each other well. New additions to this sequel, like Hopkins, Lee and Zeta-Jones, all really help bring this movie to a new level that is capable of honoring the first film and then upping the stakes a little bit. Hopkins especially was enjoyable to watch as the deteriorating genius Bailey and Lee provides some incredible action sequences and fight scenes. 

Eh, it worked for Mirren, it'll work for Lee.  That gun made him 100 times sexier.

Few know this but road rage causes Mary-Louise Parker
to spit acidic venom.

The core cast is still great in this one as Malkovich is insanely amusing, Mary-Louise Parker is incredibly adorable and humorous and Helen Mirren once again proves there isn’t a role out there that she can’t play. Not to mention Brian Cox returns in this once and it is just cool to see two men who have played Hannibal Lecter share a scene together. It’s scenes like this that gets this movie buff’s heart pumping!

"Oh, it was the most delightful liver.  And the fava beans! The fava beans!"

Like the story in the last film, Red 2 is once again slick and fun. The journey to find Nightshade never dragged and never got too insane with the action. It really felt like it had the perfect balance of bullets flying, explosions exploding and jokes flinging. Not to mention the story does a great job of developing these characters; especially when Catherine Zeta-Jones and her character appears and, being a former love of Frank's, causes some tension between Frank and Sarah.

I'm just assuming that Brian Cox pulled his inspiration for the character of Ivan
from Super Troopers.

Red 2 is just unbridled fun. The characters are interesting and colorful, the story is simple but effective, the funny parts are hysterical and the action is just exciting. While the formula from the first film hasn’t changed much for this sequel and the movie isn’t actively trying to reinvent itself, it’s nowhere near a bad thing. Red 2 took what worked and ran with it and, the end result, is an extremely fun and entertaining movie. I look forward to seeing a third one.

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