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Rapture-Palooza – 3 out of 5

I would imagine The Rapture would be a time that would be consumed with potential hilarity. It is described as the literal incarnation of “Hell on Earth” and, to me, that sounds like an open mic night at any given comedy club or bar…and those nights are ALWAYS prime breeding grounds for unintentional funny times.

If I knew that The Rapture was suppose to be funny, I wouldn't have called Harold
Camping crazy after his 7th time he failed to predict the event...or was it his 9th time?

Okay, so The Rapture happened and those that didn’t get zapped up into the alternate dimension in the clouds commonly referred to as “heaven” are now stuck on Earth with the other sinners. Lindsey (Anna Kendrick) and her boyfriend Ben (Freaks and Geeks’ John Francis Daley) try to make the most of the bad situation by having their lives go on by ignoring evil, pothead wraiths, falling clumps of burning rock, smack talking crows, locusts and torrential downpours of blood. As predicted in The Bible, the Anti-Christ rises up (played by Craig Robinson) and takes a fancy to Lindsey and wants her to marry him and give birth to his evil army. Sticking with their belief of turning a bad situation into a good one, they decide to make some lemonade with these lemons that were delivered to them and decided that they need to take out the Anti-Christ.

Normally this is where I would make fun of that mustache but Rob Corddry is
funny enough where he can rock that thing without looking like a creep.

Simply put, Rapture-Palooza is one of those movies where I found the trailer to be funnier than the actual final comedy product as it places all the best bits in it. I really liked the idea behind this movie because the movie This Is the End proves that The Rapture can be a funny locale for a comedy (amusingly enough, Craig Robinson was in that one as well) and can offer up some everlasting torment-themed laughs and blasphemous goofs. Sadly, this movie didn’t quite live up to the potential it had going for it.

The whole time the Devil was working at Dunder Mifflin...bidding his time.

Awwww...I wanna a man-hug from Rob Huebel.
 Rapture-Palooza isn’t terrible or groan-inducing but the jokes just weren’t that successful in creating laughs in me the way This Is the End did. The movie has its moments but, like I said, they were, for the most part, all shown in the trailer. There were times were I laughed at other stuff but mostly the film made me lightly chuckle a few times and no real gut-busting laughs were found. I actually found this kinda surprising since there were a lot of funny-makers in this film that I enjoy and thought they were going to deliver to the standard I’ve seen them in the past. Stars like Thomas Lennon, Rob Corddry, Paul Scheer, John Michael Higgins and Rob Huebel. While all these players are amusing, they just didn’t have enough meat in the script to work with to make their mildly amusing performances shine like I’ve seen them shine in the past…except Thomas Lennon, I really liked his zombie character and found him both to be very funny and strangely adorable (it’s not often I say a zombie is adorable).

What made me look odder?  The fact I said a zombie character is adorable or that
I implied that Thomas Lennon is adorable?

"Argh...sorry, I had a nightmare and thought you were
a sparkling vampire."
 Anna Kendrick and John Francis Daley are decent as Lindsey and Ben. Although, like other players in this film, aren’t really doing much to stand out in the film. Craig Robinson can be a little overwhelming as The Anti-Christ as he sometimes gives the appearance that he is trying too hard to be funny with vulgarity. However, at other times, he is genuinely amusing. The worst performance, without a doubt, belonged to Ana Gasteyer. Gasteyer plays Lindsey’s mother who was taken up in The Rapture but sent back because of a shitty attitude. She proves there’s a reason why we haven’t seen her much in her post-Saturday Night Live career as she is just unbearably annoying as she hams up her few scenes. If there was any humor to be found in the limited amount of screen time she has in this film, it was obliterated with her very obvious attempt at trying too desperately hard to be funny.

They should have just wrote out all of Gasteyer's scenes and wrote in more of
Paul Scheer as the jerky wraith.  Those scenes were great!

I honestly enjoyed the premise to Rapture-Palooza and thought it had a lot of potential to be hilarious. There’s a lot of actors I enjoy in this one and even though the film isn’t a laugh riot spectacular, it had a few moments that were okay enough to feel like I didn’t just waste my time watching a phoned-in, half-assed comedy. Granted, a lot of the comedy is just attempts to be blasphemous and vulgar so they can get the cheap laugh but, sometimes, this actually is working in this film’s favor and can, occasionally, pay least enough to give it a rental chance.

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