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Hell Baby

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Hell Baby – 4 out of 5

I watched the Red Band trailer for this one not that long ago (no, I'm not going to embed it in the review, it has boobies in it.  I don't feel generous today and I don't feel like throwing a bone to any hormone empowered teen who stumbled upon this review and doesn't understand that the internet is literally filled with porn) and I decided it looked funny enough to enjoy it on Video on Demand…I don’t regret that decision.

Rob Corddry, seen here regretting my decision of not putting in the boob-showing

A bunch of disappointing looks...I'm sorry I didn't want
to put in the boobie trailer.
 Jack and Vanessa (Rob Corddry and Leslie Bibb) move into a new home that has a bit of a history to it…an evil, murder-y history. Vanessa quickly starts to succumb to the evil house and it infects one of her unborn twins. Now Jack must find help in the form of a squatter who hides in his new home (Keegan Michael Key), his sister-in-law (Riki Lindhome), two inept cops (Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel) and two priests who have come to destroy the demon baby before it comes bursting out of the womb (the writers and directors, Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant).

Is she possessed or is it that time of the month, amirite fellas?
(I await the beating of the entire female population...)

Did you know these guys wrote Herbie Fully Loaded?
And they wrote good stuff, too.
 The movie is basically a satire of films like The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby but done in a way that is less Scary Movie and more…well…actually funny. And I mean funny…like really, really funny. Was I surprised by how much I laughed? Hell no! There are a lot of comedians and performers in this film I really enjoy. I love Key & Peele so I was excited to see Keegan Michael Key do his thing. I really enjoyed Reno: 911! when it was on the air and am a fan of Lennon and Garant’s writing so I wasn't really worried in that department either.  Finally, some of the funniest scenes were from two guys who I have yet to see NOT be funny; Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel. Honestly, it had all the ingredients I was looking for in a comedy I could enjoy and I really feel it delivered.

At this point, I just wanna say that I high-fived Rob Huebel at Comic-Con this

If the film had any detracting factors within it, it would be that the plot of the film is kinda sloppy. The movie doesn’t flow very well and has a feeling that it’s like a series of skits centered around a single theme and all starring the same characters. While this could be a distraction in theory, it didn’t actually bother me because the humor this movie has is more than just some bottom of the barrel junk that you usually see in satire and parody comedies. Even the film’s running gags (like Keegan Michael Key’s character always appearing out of nowhere and scaring Corddry’s character) never became grating or monotonous to me—hell, they even use the running gags to make a joke about the running gags!

But seriously, is it even possible for anything Key is a part of to get monotonous?
Don't answer that, commenters.

Despite the haphazard plot that pushes the story along, I really enjoyed Hell Baby. It was written by two men that I find to be extremely hilarious and I feel they created a film that did a better job at parodying demon-themed horror films better than the franchises that were built for the sole purpose of parodying horror films. The movie wasn’t a collection of fart and dick jokes with pop culture references that are dated before they hit the theater like the entire Scary Movie franchise (or any movie that ends with Movie in the title). Instead, Hell Baby was a hilarious send-up of horror film clich├ęs with just enough offensive gags thrown in to keep it edgy and a heavy does of silly that makes it a joy to experience. Add that with a cast of comedic performers that I already enjoy and Hell Baby definitely proved to be a really entertaining comedy to me.

If only priests in real life were this cool...I would renounce my atheism.

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