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Iron Man 3

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Iron Man 3 – 4 out of 5

Phase 2 of the Marvel cinematic universe has begun and we are now building towards The Avengers 2: Electric Boogaloo. Since Phase 1 started with Iron Man, there’s no reason why Tony Stark shouldn’t be the one to rocket boost this project into the stratosphere all over again.

                                                                                                                Marvel Studios
"Just look cool, Tony, and no one will ever know you can't get up."

                                                                                  Marvel Studios
"Come on guys, we can get this.  Ready?  'I see a little
silhouetto of a man...'"
 The events that happened with Loki’s invasion of New York have left Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) a fragile man. He can’t sleep, his world is constantly in a state of perpetual anxiety as he can’t get over his near death experience and his overwhelming desire to protect his only love; Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), and after learning of ancient Gods and the fact we aren’t alone in this universe, he starts to doubt if Iron Man has a place in this new world. Then, to make matters worse, a new terrorist called The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) arrives and threatens the world with a series of mysterious bombings. After Tony’s friend and former bodyguard Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) is nearly killed, Stark vows revenge and it’s up to him and his partner War Machine Iron Patriot (Don Cheadle) to take him out.

                                                                                                                 Marvel Studios
Meanwhile, Toby Keith furiously masturbates to this picture...masturbates
for America!

Being a gigantic nerd, a lover of all things Marvel (and DC, too—I don’t play favorites) and am of the camp that Downey Jr. is probably one of the best (if not the coolest) actors in the game right now and the fact that it was nothing short of epic that he pulled himself back up after nearly destroying not only his career but his entire life with drugs, hookers and booze (what kind of world do we live in where we consider these things a hindrance to a successful life?), I decided I couldn’t wait to check out the film opening day so I went to see it during a midnight showing and, like pretty much every Marvel project that has come out since the first time Downey Jr. put on the Iron Underpants, the movie is fantastic.

                                                                                                                Marvel Studios"Ah cool, an explosion!  Did you see that?  Stop screaming.  Did you
see that?"

First off, RDJ (I’m cool with him so I can call him that…don’t let the restraining order or the fact the last time we saw each other he said, “Fuck you, Rev. Leave me the fuck alone.” It’s a little joke we have with each other) set the standard for Tony Stark in the first film. I honestly believe that there isn’t a single actor out there who could bring the eccentric, alcoholic, egomaniac genius to life. RDJ (remember, he’s cool with me) really brings Stark’s wit, sarcasm and ego to fruition in a fun way and he does it for a fifth time (that’s right, he’s been Iron Man five times now in the Marvel movies) in Iron Man 3.

                                                                                                                  Marvel Studios
Wait a minute...this movie is one giant product placement for Google Glass.

Downey Jr. actually steps up the character in this film as the script calls for Tony to start to doubt himself and have some very PTSD-like problems occur from his time in The Avengers. While we still get all of Tony’s great one-liners and great nicknames he passes out like roofies in a frat house, we also see Downey Jr. be able to take the character in a new, more dramatic direction as he comes to grips with his dependence on his suit, the fact Pepper is the most important thing in his life and that the world is much larger than his ego originally had him believe.

The most notable element this film had going for it was the very noticeable and dramatic change in tone this film takes. After Favreau backed down from directing this one, Shane Black (the writer of the film and director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) took the helm and guided Iron Man in this new adventure. This change in tone isn’t enough to destroy the franchise but actually works by breathing new life into the series and keeps it fresh enough so spoilage doesn’t occur…unlike the guacamole I forgot about and just made the horrific discovery of finding yesterday in my fridge.

                                                                                                                 Marvel Studios
Uh oh, Paltrow just found out that some people didn't agree with her being
named World's Most Beautiful Woman.

                                                                                   Marvel Studios

"Is there something in my beard?  It feels like there's
something in my beard."
Many people I’ve talked to (and even my friends I went to the film with at midnight) agreed that this film is a vast improvement on the somewhat lackluster sequel that was Iron Man 2. Now, I know a lot of people hated the 2nd film but, I won’t lie, I really enjoyed it. Yes, Iron Man 2 lacked a lot of substance in the story and its plot was a little messy—and it even did little (if not nothing) in building up Phase 1—but I liked that it was all flash and action. I liked that it was all about Tony kicking some ass and lighting up the night sky with explosions. This one doesn’t have that as the story focuses more on Tony’s internal battles and not Iron Man’s fights. I liked that this film was more about comedy, drama and seeing Tony fight without the aid of Jarvis and his suits—and I really liked that a lot of the film was inspired by the “Extremis” story arc from the comics (if you’ve never read it, I highly suggest you check it out…or, at the very least, check out the motion comic adaptation that came from it).

                                                                                                                Marvel Studios
"The first part of my plan involves having better hair than Tony..."

While the other films are funny, this one was probably, in my opinion, the funniest of the three. It was clear that Black was going for more drama and comedy in this film as the action, while present and flipping awesome, ended up taking a backseat as Tony struggled with his own limitations as a mortal man. Black also did a fantastic job with the script by bringing up twists that I, an avid comic reader and a seeker of pretty much all the comic's canon that I can fit into my measly little brain, was unprepared for. Black took elements from the comics and was able to spin them on their head with this adaptation that not only made the film more engaging and interesting to watch but threw me back in my luxury VIP chair (I spared no expense when I hit these midnight showings) with a right hook from the writing department. And I’m talking about surprises beyond the fact that A.I.M. is in the film and not as the generic terrorist group they are in the comic, the fact that Rhodes is Iron Patriot and not Norman Osborn and the fact that Aldrich Killain (Guy Pearce) has a completely different role in the film than he did in the “Extremis” story arc.

                                                                                                                    Marvel Studio
"Weee, this is fun--it'sincredibledangerousandIcouldprobablydie but

Black also did a fantastic job of throwing in tons of little references to the comic that gave me a raging geekboner!  And what would a Marvel movie be without its post-credits sequence? Yep, this one had one too and I’m about to spoil it for you…

So, after the credits, Iron Man [content removed] and then he [content removed] and it was probably the biggest [content removed] I have ever seen. It was pretty incredible. It makes me excited for [content removed] release.

                                                                                                                 Marvel Studios

Anyone else think the Hulk-Buster/Load-Lifter armor looks...special?

Iron Man 3 does little wrong and a whole lot right. I will admit that I found Guy Pearce’s performance to be a little hammy but with Downey Jr. still doing his thing, Paul Bettany getting to provide a little more humor than we’ve seen from him as Jarvis in the past, Ben Kingsley being downright hypnotic as The Mandarin and the fact that Death is the President in the film, it’s hard to find any real fault in this very entertaining and fun adventure had by Iron Man.

From Bogus Journey to POTUS...nice.

Let’s be honest, The Avengers was as close to perfection as we will ever get from a comic adaptation—actually, you know what, it was perfect. Since it was perfection in film form, it ends up being a hard act to follow but Iron Man 3 really set the stage for Phase 2 and helped Marvel come out of the gate running towards The Avengers 2:  Avenge Hard with a Vengeance. But I don’t want to boil Tony Stark’s battle against The Mandarin to being just the beginning of the next battle for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes because even without the other Marvel projects in Phase 1 and the future projects coming in Phase 2, Iron Man 3 was a great addition to the franchise.

                                                                                                                 Marvel Studios

"Mind if we dance with yo' dates?"


  1. Hey Rev,

    Totally agreed with your take on IM3. Frankly, I was surprised by how many people seemed to think this was the worst installment in the iron man franchise. Honestly, for me it was one of the most surprising and enjoyable films of the 2013 blockbuster summer season.

    Still, I couldn't help notice how many times you referred to Robert DOWNEY Jr as "Downing." Multiple typos, perhaps?

    Also, loved the Toby Keith jab in the caption for the iron Patriot photo. Awesome.

    Finally, you're an ordained Minister and an atheist. How does that work? Isn't that like a Vegan bbq spare rib grill master?

    1. Yep, accidentally misspelled RDJ's name. I'm going to go ahead and blame Word for autocorrecting it and accept no fault on my part. But seriously, thanks for noticing that. I can proofread and proofread and sometimes you still miss shit.

      And as far as being a reverend...there's a site on the internet that doesn't care if you're a believer or not and they will go ahead and ordain you anyway. The internet is truly a wonderful invention!


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