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Fat Kid Rules the World

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Fat Kid Rules the World – 4 out of 5

I’m pretty sure that Jesus said that the Fat will inherit the Earth—of course, I could be off on that one.

Fat Kid Rules the World is about a ruthless overweight high school kid who has had enough of the oppressive thin world and rises up to take over the planet after a bloody battle filled with sugary and high-caloric goodness. His reign of terror begins with the destruction of all cardio equipment, the burning of all healthy foods and—wait, that is not what the film is about at all. Sorry, my imagination got away from me there…

It was comedian Dave Attell that said that fat people always look like they are
trying to remember something really important when they are out in the heat.

Fat Kid Rules the World is ACTUALLY about a socially awkward, and extremely depressed, overweight teenager named Troy (Jacob Mysocki) who befriends a drug-loving dropout named Marcus (Matt O’Leary) after he is saved by the dropout during a suicide attempt. The two form an uneasy bond and start to live a dream of trying to form a band (that's actually how I met 90% of all my friends). Despite Marcus’ problems with drugs, having no place to live and the bad influence he stains Troy with (much to the annoyance of Troy’s father), the two start to learn and grow as Troy begins to gains some self-confidence and Marcus starts to see the depth of his own inner demons.

"I'm so soaked in drugs that I actually inject my own hair grease."

This project, based on a young adult novel, is Matthew Lillard’s first feature length directorial debut and, judging by the final result, you wouldn’t have even noticed. Lillard did a tremendous job of balancing all the funny moments and serious times throughout the running length of the film. When it would get too light, he’d pull it back and when it got too heavy (no pun on weight there), he would lighten the mood with a perfectly executed flashback joke.  This balance kept the film in motion and really made it a joy to watch.

"I WASN'T MASTURBATING--I mean, welcome to my room.  Would you like
a Life Water?"

One of the best aspects of the film that keeps it flowing and endearing is the performance of Jacob Wysocki as Troy. Wysocki, aside from having the voice of Jason Segel (seriously, he really sounded like Segel), really made the character of Troy a person that you feel sorry for but then cheer on as he starts to come out of his shell thanks to the odd inspiration of Marcus. Matt O’Leary was also fantastic as the wayward drug addict and the two actors really had some great chemistry on screen that ultimately made their performances feel very natural and real. Not to mention this chemistry really sold the humor when Troy tried to come to grips with the fact that Marcus was going to be a part of his life whether he liked it or not.

Troy's father is also not pleased with this fact...kinda like he's clearly not pleased
with the dinner he is experiencing.

Fat Kid Rules the World has all the potential to be a pretentious indie film that tells the tired old “coming of age” story in a way that spends more time trying to fill out its soundtrack than making a film that is anything but a cliché. Instead, the film is an endearing and humorous tale of two people who have their own demons to rally against and must find strength within a friendship that, in reality, probably shouldn’t exist—mostly because in real life, Marcus would be calling Troy a “fatass” before doing some nipple twisting.

"Before we play our next song I just want to take this time to talk about Jesus."

"Be my butt hanging out in this thing?"
 The film has heart and the performances are fantastic. Going into the film (and with just reading the title) I though the movie would just be an hour an a half fat joke about how if you’re overweight all you want to do is eat (honestly, I went into this one after a recommendation from a friend and didn’t even know the synopsis—that shows the type of faith I have in this friend). Instead, the movie was anything but that and really showed the isolation a teenager can go through—whether they are a fat one or one that is just looking for their next fix. This movie goes beyond the usual “finding your inner beauty” and goes for the more realistic concept of “finding your inner self-confidence.” And, being that I am a stinky-faced stupid moron, that concept really had an impact on me.

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