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The Pink Panther 2

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The Pink Panther 2 – 3 out of 5

In my review of the first Pink Panther (the remake,) I stated that while the film wasn’t the best example of a comedy out there and it couldn’t compare to the original films that starred Peter Sellers (before the crappy last ones that were made after he died and they used a double) I did find myself enjoying the film to an extent because I’m a HUGE fan of Steve Martin (he was one of those comics who inspired me to get on stage and make jokes about how I can’t get laid and the exact deal with airline food and the mystery held within that) and I’m a HUGE fan of the original films. I admitted that the remake didn’t hold a candle to the work Peter Sellers made (even though Sellers absolutely hated the films) and there was literally no way in all of what people hold holy could Martin be an adequate replacement in the iconic role of Inspector Clouseau. However, it’s clear that Martin was a huge fan of the originals and his enthusiasm for the role was very apparent so it was hard for me to completely hate the film. The same is said about the 2nd film here and I even think it was slightly more entertaining that the last one.

Points have to be given to the movie for the mustache alone.

A master thief simply referred to as The Tornado is off stealing some of the greatest national treasures the world has ever seen—including the Magna Carta, the Shroud of Turin, the Imperial Sword and the infamous Pink Panther diamond. To solve this crime, the Government of France creates an ultimate crime fighting force (referred to in the film as the Dream Team) that includes Inspector Pepperidge (Alfred Molina) from the UK, Vincenzo (Andy Garcia) from Italy, an gadget geek from Japan; Kenji (Yuki Matsuzaki), a criminologist from India; Sonia (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) and, after being reassigned from a parking officer back to Inspector, Clouseau, as well as his partner Ponton (Jean Reno). The team are quick to jump all over Europe to find the culprit while Clouseau is dealing with his feelings for a coworker, getting lessons on being more PC (from Lily Tomlin) and getting into ridiculous slap-stick hi-jinks you expect from a Pink Panther film.

He's probably listening to LMFAO.  I'm kidding, his face would be melting if
he was listening to LMFAO.

This sequel to the remake isn’t the best comedy every produced and it is nowhere near the level that some of the classic Sellers’ films have brought to us but I didn’t find this film to be terrible either. Sure the gags and physical comedy isn’t as tight as something Blake Edwards would have crafted but it’s not like this was a non-stop sequences of nutshots or something like Daddy Day Care.

Okay...so there was a lot of lowbrow comedic moments.  Like this apparent
pie fight or end of a porno shoot.

Jeremy Irons shown here just releasing a large fart apparently.
There’s also a lot of star power at work in this film as you not only have Martin, Garcia, Reno and Molina but you also have an appearance by Jeremy Irons (who may or may not have been in the film as part of his plot to get some gold out from under John McClane’s nose), Lily Tomlin offering up some amusing scenes where she tries to bring the character of Clouseau into this more PC era (there’s a great reference to the old films as he is lectured about how he shouldn’t call those of Asian descent as our “little yellow friend”) and we see John Cleese replace Kevin Kline as Dreyfus—and who doesn’t love John Cleese? People who hate being happy, that’s who.

Seriously, who hates John Cleese?

Like the first film, it was obvious to me that Martin wasn’t trying to wear the shoes of Peter Sellers and try to play Clouseau the way we have come to know him but offer up his own perspective on the role. I admit that Martin’s Clouseau isn’t on par as Peter Sellers but I still found Martin very amusing in the role and found the film to be mildly enjoyable and decently entertaining even though nearly all other critics hated the film.

Serious 'stache.

The Pink Panther 2 isn’t a tremendous film and nowhere near the top-shelf quality that still entertains me like the old films do. However, I didn’t think it was as bad as others describe it. I never laughed hysterically out loud like I did when Kato and Clouseau destroyed the apartment all those times or when watching the cartoon-like action of Clouseau getting injured in ways that should kill mortal men but I still chuckled occasionally. While the hi-jinks (yes, I used that word twice in this review) isn’t as creative or as tightly engineered as the previous films they still are better than a lot of slapstick comedy produced nowadays (For example,it was better than the slapstick that was seen in every episode of Scrubs.  Be honest with yourself, while the show was funny all their physical comedy was just Zach Braff falling down). It’s not perfect but I did enjoy myself when watching it.

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