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Son in Law

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Son in Law – 1 out of 5

I’ve explained in past reviews of Pauly Shore movies from the 90s that all his films exist in a shared universe (like the Marvel movies that lead up to The Avengers). I don’t feel like explaining it again so I’ll just hyperlink to my review of Encino Man and you can read it for yourself.
And they told me I was crazy to create this theory!

"I can never return to Encino...bud-dee."
In my theory of the shared universe, this film takes place after Encino Man and Stoney (Pauly Shore) has left Encino behind to go to college (and apparently Link followed). After bringing a caveman back to life and gaining a few moments of celebrity status something must have occurred that caused the citizens to turn against Stoney so he was forced to start over in college where he changed his name to Crawl. As time goes by and his years build at the institute for higher learning he ends up becoming a Resident Advisor in a dorm and the story of Son in Law begins when a young country girl makes the jump to the city…

"I'm sorry, dad, you'll have to speak up.  I'm drinking one of them dang-fangled

Since it was made in the 90s, a scene involving roller-
blading was legally required.
Rebecca (Carla Gugino) is a na├»ve girl from the farm who decides to go college in the city despite her parents’ inability to understand the sentence that involves leaving the farm. Her parents fear that the city will corrupt her because they believe all city folks are liberal hippie Satanists out to destroy down home living (it’s heavily implied they belief this but it’s obvious they would be Fox News viewers if the movie was made now). Rebecca wants to open her eyes but is initially overwhelmed by those “scary city folks” until Crawl (Pauly Shore) takes her by the hand and leads her to a path of enlightenment that involves horrible 90s fashion and, inexplicable Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers.
I don't want to know what he's looking at.

When Thanksgiving comes around, Rebecca is heartbroken to discover that Crawl isn’t going home to Las Vegas (which we all know is bullshit because home is in Encino but the townsfolk don’t want him back after “the incident.”) so she takes Crawl home with her to induce a heart attack in her parents when they see how she’s changed. On break, her boyfriend Travis (Dan Gauthier) wants to settle down with Rebecca and erase the corruption that the city placed on her but she and Crawl quickly fake an engagement so she doesn’t have to go through with it. However, Travis isn’t going to let them get away with this and hatches and evil plan to win his Rebecca back.

It’s a wacky version of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner only with Pauly Shore and a lot less humor!

Ha ha...he's wearing a cowboy hat.  Wait, that's not funny.
Like all other Pauly Shore films, this one is not funny but that’s to be expected when you’re star is…well…Pauly Shore. The basic premise of the movie is the idea that all country folk are mystified by city folks but, despite this, will openly give themselves up to embracing their foreign lifestyle and doing so will improve their lives exponentially and that all city folks find country living individuals to be adorable and need help in order to make it in society. Basically, city dwellers are the Sandra Bullocks and the country residents are the guy in The Blind Side…only in Son in Law, there isn’t so much underlying racism arguing that a black man can’t make it in the world without a Bullock backing them up.

"I come from the city so I automatically know more than you!"

The movie tries to be funny but when all your jokes are just Shore going “bud-dee” and making a siren-like noise of enjoyment there’s bound to be a few failures…actually, they’re all failures. All the jokes fail in this movie. This movie was his second in the big films that starred Pauly Shore and already his act was old and tired—and kinda sad when you see the likes of Gugino and the other actors try to imitate his speech patterns.

The boy was unprepared for the amazing amounts of projectile vomit his shirt would

The story is your run-of-the-mill fish out of water story and many of the jokes are the same gags you see in these types of stories so, revisiting this 1993 film I haven’t seen since…well…probably 1993, already comes off stale and repetitive—jokes about manure, heavy farming equipment and chaps not surprisingly make an appearance. But Shore, mysteriously, was a hot commodity in the early 90s so studios were doing their best to shoehorn him into roles as fast as possible even if the product was terrible to begin with. That’s right; Shore isn’t to blame for how horrible this film is (the same can’t be said for Jury Duty). The movie isn’t funny to begin with and Shore adding his already unfunny personality to it doesn’t help (so Shore is kinda responsible). It’s something short of a miracle that Carla Gugino was able to come out of it unscathed and still have a career. The same can’t be said about the majority of others involved.

For example...

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