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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Pt. 2

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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Pt. 2 – 5 out of 5

"I'm Batman...stop laughing.  Seriously I am.  I'm in freaking
disguise, you assholes."
Last year DC released the first part of the animated adaptation of one of the greatest Batman stories to ever exist. If you’re not familiar with Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns than you’re a person I’m not entirely sure I want to know but the epic four issues that practically changed the way we know comic books is about a retired Bruce Wayne who’s forced to come out of retirement and once again put on the cape and cowl to stop the madness and criminal wasteland that Gotham has once again become. Sadly, there are those in power who don’t want to see him come out of the shadows; especially after they worked so hard to get all superheroes to leave their crime-fighting ways behind.

Republicans watched this and immediately began to furiously masturbate for some reason.

"'sup, bitches?  I'm Batman."
For reasons that either stem from the fact our culture suffers from extremely short attention spans or the fact DC was looking to get as much money they could from this venture (the reason: Both) the film was split into two parts. After the events in the first film (which you can read about in my review of it here) the Joker has been released from the asylum in a foolish effort to show that Batman was the blame for his loss in sanity and that he can be recuperated(because it worked so well in for Two-Face in the first one). Joker, showing how truly insane he is, goes on a killing spree and Batman and the Clown Prince of Crime are forced to settle their differences once and for all. Meanwhile Gotham’s new police commissioner has put out a warrant for the Bats and the President has even gone as far as calling on the only true superhero left; Superman, in order to stop the Caped Crusader. The Son of Krypton and the World’s Greatest Detective are now forced to duke it out in the streets of Gotham…but Batman won’t go down easily. He has a plan…a plan that involves an old ally who has a score to settle with Supes; Green Arrow.

And he helps by hanging upside down.  Keep it up, GA!!!

If DC wasn’t about splitting this into two pieces, I could have easily sat through the near 3 hour running length the combined films would have been but probably would have died as my body exploded from the immense grandeur this animated feature was. Like Pt. 1, the film is basically a shot-for-shot adaptation of the comics and getting to see Miller’s pages come to life is just the beginning of the awesomeness.

Superman talked for 15 minutes before Batman informed him he was standing behindhim.  Supes doesn't utilize the dark as well at the Batman does.

Please don't ask me if I want to see a magic trick.
The voice acting is tremendous with Robocop himself as Batman; Peter Weller, Michael Emerson from Lost as The Joker, Mark Valley as Superman and Robin Atkin Downes as Oliver Queen a.k.a. Green Arrow. While actors like Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy have become the industry standard for the voices of Joker and Batman, the choices made for this film really captured the darkened, matured and aged feel of the story. Weller really sounds like he’d be an older Kevin Conroy who’s been beaten down by years of crime-fighting and Emerson really makes the Joker come off as a new type of psychopath who brings elegance to his usual insane and diabolical cheer. Not to mention that Mark Valley really captured the superpowered boy scout of Superman perfectly. Each actor not only performed well but clearly understood the dystopian-like tone that Frank Miller brought to his 1986 classic.
Did I mention that Catwoman got fat...yet still a better Catwoman than Halle Berry.

"Hey Superman, how about you rock on down to Electric
Avenue...okay they're not all gold, jerk."
However, the greatest aspect of this film (and the first part) is the awesome action and animation. Not only is the style of the artwork from the comic perfectly represented in an animated film format but the brutal action of the dismal world that Miller crafted bleeds in every second of animation…and that’s before the epic battle between Bats and Supes! That sequence is enough to make a person have a heart attack…a heart attack induced by awesomeness! (If you’re counting, that’s twice I’ve used the word “awesomeness” in this review)
The last thing you'd ever see if you fought Superman.

The Dark Knight Returns, like Watchman, was one of those books that changed comic book history. It redefined comics as it broke down the very definition of what it meant to be a superhero. It had a profound impact on me as a child reading it and getting to see it made into an animated film that respects both the source material and the audience it’s made for is something special. Furthermore…it’s FUCKING BATMAN!

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