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Seven Psychopaths

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Seven Psychopaths – 5 out of 5

When I first saw this trailer I said, “That looks awesome.” I saw Walken, Ferrell, Harrelson, my favorite character actor Zeljko Ivanek and Sam Rockwell in it and I said, “Yes, all kinds of yes, I want to see this movie.” And then I saw Tom Waits—my favorite singer/songwriter—and I exploded. After recovering from the explosion I made it my mission to see this film. Sadly I never got to see it in the theaters because I’m grossly poor and I was too busy recovering from being exploded but now that it arrived on DVD, I got to finally sit down and take this one in…and I ended up loving it!
"Why...AM BED?" (read that caption like you're Colin Ferrell doing a
Christopher Walken impression.

Marty (Colin Ferrell) is a screenwriter trying to write a script he titled Seven Psychopaths and is getting help from his friend Billy (Sam Rockwell). Marty soon finds himself in some deep trouble as Billy and his friend Hans (Christopher Walken) kidnaps a criminal’s dog (played by Woody Harrelson—the criminal, not the dog). Even though Marty may end up dying because of a Shih Zu he finds inspiration for his screenplay and meets a true psychopath along the way that carries a rabbit around with him (Tom Waits).

"You wanna know where I kept this money?"

Mickey Rourke was originally going to be in the film...
he still made it a way.
After watching the trailer, I thought the film looked smart, witty and fun but when I found it was written and directed by Martin McDonagh (the writer/director of In Bruges) I said, “I loved In Bruges, this movie should be awesome.” (I talk to myself a lot) However, I ended up feeling the film was even better than In Bruges thanks to a collection of interesting characters and all of them played but extremely talented people.

Crispin Glover even had a cameo...he's right above the guy on the left's head.

That hat also deserves an Academy Award nomination.
The story is strong and the wit and dark jokes placed within the film’s running time are awesome but the film’s true strength lies in the awesome cast. First off, you have Colin Ferrell (who was also in In Bruges) really selling the fact he’s an “in over his head” writer but you also have the man that everyone and their mother likes to impersonate; Christopher Walken (I’m just as guilty of it as I impersonate him in my stand-up), one of my favorite actors who is capable of doing drama and comedy and was completely robbed by not being nominated for Best Actor for Moon; Sam Rockwell, you have the raging vegan who’s fought zombies for a Twinkie and is the only good thing about The Hunger Games; Woody Harrelson and, of course, Tom Waits. His presence alone already makes the film epic! Seeing all these guys interact is just awesome to watch and makes the movie flow easier than the slick editing.

You've come a long way from they days of playing a legally retarded bartender.

I know Walken was in this film but cowbell was the last thing
this movie needed more of...More Waits was needed.  I also
apologize for referencing that now played out SNL skit.
The only real complaint I have about the movie is I would have liked to see more of Tom Waits’ character; Zachariah. His scene is so movie-stealing and his character so interesting that it would have been nice to see more of him and my desire for him to have more screen time in no way has anything to do with the fact I am obsessed with his music and not a single day goes by where I don’t listen to him. I’m being totally fair, balanced and impartial like Fox News here. However, with the really funny and super witty final moments of the film, the light dusting of Waits this film gives you becomes worth it.

I would pay money to hear every actor in this film do
their best Walken're up, Ivanek.

Seven Psychopaths is just an all-out entertaining movie that tells a great story that builds at a perfect pace and culminates with a great ending, has a fantastic cast and is just plain funny and fun to watch.

The film also inspired the cover to my new album for my hipster acoustic rock band.

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