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[Rec]² – 4 out of 5

The story of death and unholy monsters in [Rec] was just the beginning, the tip of the metaphoric and pants-shittingly frightening iceberg. 

This series sure likes people standing at the end of halls.

After the final moments of [Rec] occur, a SWAT team and a mysterious man put in charge of their mission are sent in to see the extent of the damage—with one request from the mysterious man: Document everything. The group is on a mission to stop the evils that befell the apartment complex in the previous story but, like last time, there’s more going on then they are prepared for.

"Everyone ready?  Did you get your mandated 40 hours of Call of Duty training in?"

"If you play this backwards, it plays Nickelback...
the greatest evil to ever exist."
If you read my review of [Rec] you’ll remember I stated the film was just amazing. The acting felt disturbingly real and the story was not only scary as hell but engaging as the seemingly generic zombie tale was much deeper than what the surface showed you—something that was abandoned for the American remake. This sequel continues the standard set forth in the first film and expands the story and brings more depth to the big reveal that occurred in the previous one. Like the last one, this movie is pretty damn creepy and the acting is just incredible. However, this one has a few flaws but, as you can see from my score, aren’t enough to have any real damage.

Evil children...horror film staple...

Okay, two of them are too much and enough to make me never want to be a dad.

One of the coolest aspects of the first film was the fact the footage seen before you looked real but also wasn’t too crazy on the shaking of the camera. Unlike some “found footage” films you were able to see what the hell was going on and they didn’t fall for the “just shake the camera and maybe people won’t notice how shitty the film is” like some have done on some movies like, I don’t know, The Devil Inside. This sequel continues that but, at times, it gets a little silly as the SWAT team member in charge of the camera is out to make some dynamic shots that, while looking good, kinda takes away from the reality of the film. Or maybe this SWAT guy goes to night school to be a director? I don’t know.
"Cut, can we do this again, I'm just not feeling it?"

I think that priest's face is about to scowl off his skull
and run away.
The film’s story also hurts slightly due to the presence of too many characters—actually, I should say there was the potential for the story to hurt by the fact there’s a lot of characters. In fact, the film does a great job of weaving two separate stories together to one united story that ventures to the film’s climax. If this was an American horror film they just would have held on to all these characters and then, in the final moments, say, “Oh shit, we forgot to kill off some of these characters…just kill some in the stupid and most obviously way that we are trying to get rid of them.”

Seriously, I think his face is trying to escape.

While critics didn’t receive this one as well as the previous film, I felt it still contained the spirit of the first story while simultaneously venturing forward expanding on its story and being just different enough that it doesn’t look like the first film done all over again. Even my two complaints aren’t really complaints but just observations of things that could have done the movie in but didn’t. Like the first film, [Rec]² is still very creepy and engaging and 100 times better than even the best horror films put out in the last twenty years in America.

The critics hated this despite this being in the film?!?  There is no God!


  1. I'm happy to see that someone else enjoyed this one. So many reviews I read tear the second one apart, and I thought it was absolutely brilliant.

    1. I've read a ton of reviews that hated this one too but I thought it was a great expansion to the series.


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