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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World - 3 out of 5

This movie had everything I wanted...the impeding apocalypse, that talking twig from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Steve could it go wrong?

This is Steve's "Don't Fuck With Me" Face.

They look like such a happy couple.
The title is not just some artistic piece of mumbo jumbo thrown in to be creative.  The film is about the end of the world as a big ass meteor is coming to crash into our supple planet (boy I sure made Armageddon sound sexy!).  Dodge (Steve Carell) sees his wife (played by his real-life wife; Nancy Carell) leave him because...well...the end of the world wouldn't be the strangest reason for a break-up (a girl once left me because I like Doctor Who).  Dodge becomes increasingly depressed and tries to go about his life despite the fact that the world's expiration date is quickly approaching.  Through happenstance, Dodge meets a  young neighbor of his; Penny (Keira Knightley) and together they decide that Dodge needs to be reunited with his lost love and possibly find hope to get Penny to see her family.

Even her hair is grossly thin.

When I watched this trailer, the movie looked like it would be a silly, sweet, romantic comedy set during the End Times and I was instantly it has Steve Carell and I love that guy!  Sadly, the movie didn't live up to the expectation.

Oh, so that's where Gil Grissom went after he left Las Vegas.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World starts terrifically as it shows the levels of insanity people will go through when the end is near.  What it delivers is a charming comedy with a heavy dose of vulgarity as the world turns into a hedonistic devil's playground and continues this path when Penny and Dodge begin their journey together.  However, in the middle of the second act, the film changes gears.

T.J. Miller takes all the funny this movie had with him when his character left.

I expected the movie to take a more serious turn and head in a more romantic comedy direction but the problem arrives that even the film's story starts to get confused on the direction it should go.  Literally, the film takes on a new story about three different times during the last half of the movie.  I don't mean the film decided to take a sharp turn and go down a different street but rather the car (movie) turned off its engine (story) and put in a new engine (story) before ultimately doing it again...and then again.  This end results means a heck of a lot of unresolved plotlines and a conclusion that ultimately fails to deliver...and fails in a big way.  Like, a big chuck of rock ending all life on the planet way.

Carell sure makes being depressed adorable and charming.

I'm pretty sure she is turning into a demon in this screencap.
The end of the film is a mess that takes the already established characters and turns them around to the point they are no longer the same when the movie began.  And I don't mean they grew or evolved like Pokemon but more like they were rewritten half way through.  The grossly predictable love story that arrives feels unnecessarily tagged on and not only leaves the film's main plot device left hanging in the wind like an aging nudist's sausage and nuts but makes a promising premise become cliche and boring.

Hey, it's the former President and Spider-man's uncle and Captain Benjamin L. Willard...
Dammit, Martin Sheer, your resume is filled with too many great characters for me to
provide a humorous reference in this caption.

The last half of this movie is just plain bad storytelling and a mess.  It nearly destroys the integrity of the entire film...that is, if the beginning wasn't that awesome!  Honestly, the first half of the film is so funny and so well put together that it becomes easy to forgive the sudden change of film we see in the final half.  Not to mention Steve Carell's performance is his usual strong standard and that helps to ease the discomfort from the sudden changes in tone the movie abruptly takes later on.

For some reason, Dodge continues to go to work once the end of the world is officially
announced...and what follows is the most impossible example of suspending disbelief
a movie has ever offered up to an audience.

Seeking a Friend was loaded with potential for a fun, endearing story of a man trying to go against impossible odds and reunite with a lost love when the entire world is giving in and going to shit. Sadly, the film's story and plot become a mess that even Jackson Pollock can't make into art and the promise the film once held is smash to bits like...I don't know...a giant piece of granite falling from space.  Fortunately, the first portion of the film is great.  So, there can easily be a Director's Cut that has the meteor crash faster than anticipated and it causes the film to end halfway through.  Just CGI that shit'll only help this one.

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