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Tremors - 4 out of 5

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this one and I completely forgot how fun of a movie it is…

Since it's a picture and you can't hear anything, it should be noted that the beast is
singing...and it sounds lovely!

Fred Ward:  Hero Pose!
Tremors was released in 1990 (for those of you born in the last 10 years) and it stars Kevin Bacon as Valentine McKee and Fred Ward as Earl Bassett as a pair of buddies working as maintenance men in a small town of Perfection, Nevada.  Tired of the monotony of the desert town, they decide it’s time for bigger and better things but it seems life has other plans for the duo as people start disappearing and they believe a killer is on the loose…unfortunately it turns out that giant killer worm-like creatures underground that hunt thanks to a tremendous sense of hearing and feeling vibrations through the ground (nicknamed Graboids) are on the loose and out for food—with the residents of Perfection being the most ideal option on the menu.

"Are you going to sell me a mogwai or what?"

Tremors is one of those great comedy horrors films that, even after a decade plus later, still holds up.  The movie is never flat out terrifying, instead, it’s funny and just plain a joy to watch.  Bacon and Ward make a great duo who are in over their heads facing the Graboids and Family Ties father Michael Gross as the gun-nut Burt Gummer really helps keep this movie lighthearted and a blast to watch (get it, “blast?”  He’s a gun-nut and I said “blast.”  No, you’re right, that was a stupid one and I’m sorry for it.)

"Care for a slice of Bacon, worm?"
I should have wrote this movie!

Even from a special effects standpoint, the movie still holds up.  Made in 1990, the film was produced before computer effects really came into their own and all the Graboids were done practically through the use of animatronics and puppets…not to mention, the film takes a page from Jaws and works around seeing the creatures until the final act.  And we can overlook that the Graboids kinda/sort of look like the worms in Dune.  

The look of a man who just saw Honey Boo Boo.

The only real downfall of the film (and it’s a very minor one) is the presence of Reba McEntire as Mrs. Gun-nut; Heather Gummer.  It was McEntire’s first outing as an actress and the argument could have easily been made that it wasn’t for her--in fact, her television show only amplified that argument--but her character has few lines and acts more as a second fiddle to Michael Gross, so her presence wasn’t that distracting…and at least she doesn’t sing!

Your TV son travels through time and you fight evil worms...that rings awesome to me!

It’s been a good decade since I’ve seen Tremors and I began to wonder why I don’t watch this movie more often.  The story is the makings of a great monster movie, the acting is great (come on, Bacon is in it!), the characters are fun and the movie is just plain funny.  It’s no surprise that the film ended up becoming a cult classic that blew up its home video sales despite its poor box office return.

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