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Prometheus – 4 out of 5

Thanks to this amazing trailer…

Dat ass...
(I love that screaming sound!) Prometheus became one of the many summer blockbusters I had to see this year.  My brother-in-law (who’s equally obsessed with movies as I am) was also uber-excited to see this film so, when it came out, we went all out and saw it on an IMAX screen and we both loved the film.  However, when discussing the film with my friends, I was shocked to find out that a majority of them didn’t appreciate it the way I did.  After deeper discussions, I learned that most people I know didn’t dig the film because the film wasn’t a predominate Alien prequel like they had hoped it would be.  While the film exists within the universe of the little extraterrestrial spiders who love to hug your face and offers us teases of what we saw in the 1979 epic including what the Space Jockey was, the film ultimately is intended as a stand alone story that takes place before our beloved tale of Ripley (remember that part where she’s running from the creature in her little underwear?  Yeah, that was awesome!).

Nice to know hoodies don't go out of style in the future.

Prometheus opens with a pair of archeologists; Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway (Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green) who discover that ancient societies, separated from geography and time, all have a single image in common within their respective histories.  The image is of a tall man pointing towards a collection of constellations--constellations that aren’t anywhere visible in our night sky.  Teaming financially with the Weyland Corporation and its idealistic CEO Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), a team of scientists are sent to the only habitable moon where the constellation exists.  Led by the mysterious Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron), Elizabeth and Charlie begin their investigation into what could possible be the answer to where we came from but as they begin to find answers, they soon learn that not all is well on the ship as their android David (Michael Fassbender) seems to be hiding something, there’s some horrors dwelling on the moon and the pilot of the ship; Janek (Idris Elba), wants to pack up and jet.  But to Shaw and Holloway, the answers to the ultimate question may be valuable enough to pay for with everything.

It's always nice to see Noomi Rapace NOT getting raped in a movie.

Prometheus sees director Ridley Scott return to the genre he made his bitch back in the late 70s and early 80s.  Can you really believe he hasn’t done a Sci-fi film since Blade Runner in 1982?  Not only is this a return for the acclaimed director to the genre but it’s a return to the universe he began with Alien.  Like I explained, Prometheus is a prequel as well as a stand alone story to the 1979 film.  Scott openly admits that the film was never intended to be a direct prequel.  It shocks me that when audiences whine and moan about sequels, prequels, remakes and reboots showing how out of ideas Hollywood is, why did they complain about how Prometheus wasn’t ENOUGH of a prequel?

That dude looks familiar...

"Help me, Obi-wan're my only hope..."
The critics and the audiences also complained about how too many questions were left unanswered at the end of Prometheus.  However, that was one of the elements I like MOST about the film.  The movie barely explained anything to the viewer.  Scott spends a majority of the film showing what’s happening, letting the audience decipher the events and, when it comes to its end--even with its few threads still hanging in the wind--he lets the audience conclude what happened and try to come up with the answers themselves.  It’s this fact, the fact that the film allows the viewers to openly discuss, predict and guess what happens next that appealed the most to me--even more than the colossal sets, interesting story and amazing acting.  Very rarely do I get to watch a film that isn’t explaining ever intricate detail to me like I’m a simpleton and, even rarer, it allowed me to utilize my own imagination to guess what comes next or the motives of the alien race called the Engineers.

Fun note:  Guy Pearce didn't actually put on make-up for this role...he naturally
aged himself and then Benjamin Button'ed himself when the shooting was finished.

In a world of computer generated effects, Prometheus was a fresh vacation to the world of practical effects.  Scott decided that anything that could be done on set, MUST be done on set and the computer effects were reserved mostly for scenes in space and the use of holograms within the film.  Knowing this going into the movie only made the immense sets and seeing them come to life nearly mind-blowing.  However, not as mind-blowing as the acting…

The look of a man who's tired of hearing how awesome he was in The Wire.

I don't want to sound like a perv but I would *CONTENT
Everyone in the cast is awesome in this Sci-fi epic.  Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron and Edris Elba are all established actors who are known for their amazing delivery, so their talents came as no surprise during the film.  However, Michael Fassbender as the android David stole the film.  Fassbender’s ability to completely devoid himself from all human emotion was enough to make my face melt like I just looked into the glowing emptiness of the Ark of the Covenant.  Fassbender’s performance as David is simultaneously amazing and frightening.  Seriously, check him out in the promotional material for the film..

Did you see him drop a tear without actually crying?  Sure they probably used those crystal things that are big on sets that help actors cry who are incapable of acting--like Tom Cruise (who has to be told that a different type of smiling doesn’t constitute crying) but to effectively keep with the lack of emotion while a tear is running down your face?  That shit is impressive…and he maintains that throughout the film.

Even though he's a droid, he still pulls the "I just dropped my pencil"
technique in order to see up a girl's skirt.

Overall, the consensus with Prometheus with audiences and critics was mixed.  To me, however, not so much because I really dug the film…and I have no idea how to properly end this review.  So, I’ll just walk away…


  1. I saw the movie as well. As I never saw any Alien movie fully, I am not much of an expert on those movies to comment on this one. Still liked it.

    Great captions as always :)

    Loved the ending of the review!

    1. Thank you, sir! Glad you liked the review!

  2. I completely agree with your point about how good Fassbender was, and I would go see a spinoff movie that tells his story. This movie is a prequel to Aliens in the sense that it explains the universe in which Aliens takes place, not the specific events that lead up to Alien. I loved this movie when I saw it in theaters, and I was really excited when a coworker at DISH told me it was coming out on DVD. I like to see what they offer as special features before I buy a movie, so I rented it through my Blockbuster @Home account. I was amazed at how good the special features were in this first release, and I am definitely going to go out and buy it. There is still a lot of story left untold, and I can’t wait for the inevitable sequels!


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