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Tracker - 4 out of 5
I spotted this movie on Redbox's website awhile back.  I read the synopsis and saw that Jango Fett himself was in it so I immediately wanted to see it...but I didn't want to spend the buck at the time and I wasn't in a huge rush to see it so, instead, I put it on my Netflix queue.  Honestly, though, this movie would have been worth the immediate rental.
" mustache senses are tingling."
Tracker takes place in 1903 where a veteran of the Boer War (Google it, I'm not giving a history lesson here) and expert tracker who's looking for a fresh start in New Zealand.  This man; Arjan von Diemen (Ray Winstone), is hired by the British Army to track down, locate and retrieve a Maori sailor; Kereama (Temuera Morrison), in order to stand trial after being accused of killing a soldier.
"Is that two dogs...doing it?!?"
The film is very straight forward and offers few surprises but it's in its simplicity that makes it work so well.  The scenery where the film was shot all looks beautiful but doesn't allow the film's true strength to be overshadowed.  What's the film's strength?  The performances.
Lucas won't let you escape from your convention duties, Morrison.
The majority of the movie is von Diemen bringing Kereama back for justice.  In this time, the two characters begin to develop as Kereama loudly declares his innocence while von Diemen quietly reveals his tragic past.  The interaction between Winstone and Morrison is impressive and quite captivating.
" sounds like they're taking the Hobbits to Isengard."
"I can't believe I missed those two dogs doing it."
I'm a fan of Temuera Morrison because I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan.  After seeing Episode II, I became an immense fan of both Morrison as an actor and the character he played; Jango Fett.  I had hoped to see him in more films since Mace Windu made sure Morrison wouldn't be seen again in the galaxy far, far away.  Unfortunately, all I saw him in was Couples Retreat.  But that all may be changing as he's been in Spartacus:  Gods of the Arena and Green Lantern since but I believe this film could be the breakout role Morrison needs.  His performance as an accused man being hunted by British soldiers biased by racism was amazing and he stole the movie very quickly and proved that he can be in bigger and better movies than The Scorpion King 3:  Battle for Redemption (Billy Zane, on the other hand, totally deserves a place in that movie.)
I get the same look in my eyes when Taco Bell tells me they're out of guacamole.
With strong performances, beautiful locales and a straight forward, solid story, Tracker proved to be a surprise to me and went pass all my expectations.

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