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God Bless Ozzy Osbourne

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God Bless Ozzy Osbourne - 4 out of 5

I've seen Ozzy in concert three times in my life and the man can put on a show.  He still knows how to rock, even in his sixties.  Sure I can't understand a word out of his mouth that isn't the word "fuck" or one of its many variations when he talks to the audience in-between songs but that doesn't mean he doesn't melt my face off with the power of metal as he belts off "Crazy Train."

No I didn't pause the documentary and took this still...Ozzy stood like that for
30 minutes...and he claims to have ADD.

Believe it or not...Ozzy was young once.
I've always known that Ozzy should be dead 10 times over (but let's face it, the Reaper is a fan of Sabbath and wants the man to continue writing music) however, I've never truly understood the extent of his flirtations with death and the depth of his love of booze and drugs.  God Bless Ozzy Osbourne shows an uncompromising and brutally honest view of Ozzy's career from his start as a poor boy in England to him joining the ranks of Black Sabbath and how they redefined hard rock and metal.  It tells the story of how drugs and alcohol forced him out of the band and how he reemerged like a black phoenix from the ashes of booze and whatever drug he could get his claws around ready to punch the eardrums of his fans with solo hits like "Bark at the Moon" and "Mr. Crowley."

I'm not going to lie...I find Sharon Osbourne incredibly attractive.

Rhodes making that guitar his bitch.
The doc covers all the highs (and not just drug related ones) and lows of Ozzy's life and musical career.  From his rocky first marriage and his bad parenting with his kids (of both marriages) to the pain he endured when his prodigal guitarist Randy Rhodes died.  It even shows the success of the MTV reality show The Osbournes, the show that put the family from hell right into your living room (and a show where Ozzy spent 99% of the time drunk).  It all culminates with his decision to get clean after witnessing his son Jack accomplish that very feat.

Ozzy and his new beast on the six strings; Zakk Wylde, backstage.

Sabbath in their older days...or younger days depending on
your perspective.
God Bless Ozzy Osbourne is a "by-the-numbers" documentary.  The film crew followed Ozzy for two years and we're treated to a behind-the-scenes look of him at concerts, brutally honest sit down interviews with the man and first hand accounts by those who've been influenced by him or have seen his antics in action like Sir Paul McCartney and Tommy Lee of Motley Crue.  Being a fan of the man, I found the documentary incredibly interesting and, at times, frightening to see how casually that he and others would talk about the trials of the Ozzman.  For example, how easily Sharon talks about the time Ozzy attempted to murder her.  And she's still with him!!!  That's fucking love, man!  I had a girl once break up with me because I didn't kill some spiders on my porch.  I can't even fathom the type of devotion Sharon has for Ozzy.

That reads "Sir Paul McCartney" for those who can't read titles...but, then again,
you probably can't read this caption either.

The only real complaint I had about the documentary is the fact that is was produced by Sharon and Jack Osbourne.  The fact it was produced within the Osbourne clan and not from an outside party makes me slightly suspect if the film wasn't just a PR piece on how Ozzy turned his life around and I started to wonder what of Ozzy's past was left out because it may have been too awful...a scary thought when you consider what he admits to with a hint of a smile--or at least as much of a smile that Ozzy can accomplish.  Of course, they could have just got the producing credits after the film was complete.

If Ozzy and Sharon aren't a perfect example of what true love is, then love doesn't exist.

Other than some mild suspicions of the genuine nature of the doc, it's really informative and interesting to sit through--not  to mention there's great music to hear all the way through!   

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