Friday, September 7, 2012

American Mullet

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American Mullet - 3 out of 5

"Business up front, party in the back."  Such is the motto of those who rock the ugliest or coolest (depends on what side of the haircut you're on) hairstyles that has ever existed.  I, myself, don't sport the mullet because I am no where NEAR as cool as those who do and I would be insulting the hairstyle if my uncool ass committed such a travesty.

This man has made a career on impersonating Billy Ray Cyrus...what I'm trying to say is
that he is unemployed.

American Mullet is a documentary on the mullet (shocking considering the misleading title, I know).  It talks to those who love the cut, those who hate its existence, individuals who practically worship it (even if they don't have it) and one man who even compared the hatred of the mullet to the persecution Jesus Christ underwent.  Yeah, I'm not joking about that last part.

Here's the guy who compared the mullet to Jesus...and he somehow landed a girl
with a semi-decent rack.  Good for him!

It talks to rednecks, rockers, bikers and lesbians.  It talks to hairstylists who refuse to craft a mullet on a paying customer.  It studies the history of the style within cultures like the Native Americans and those of Latino descent (yet, they talked to no Canadians where, unless I'm mistaken, it's illegal to not have a mullet).  People with hockey hair wax poetically of the deep significance of the hairstyle and how it's a reflection of their personality and that, basically, "haters gonna hate."

Forget the women with the mullet and check out "Triple Threat" in the background.

There's nothing really deep to this doc.  It doesn't really go into the history of the mullet other than some attachment it has to a select few cultures and it focuses more on the social impact that it has.  While this is interesting (especially when you realize the love and devotion some people show for their hair) and fun, it ends up delivering more sizzle than steak--or more party than business.

The albino mullet...the rarest one of them all.

This documentary is short on content and that makes it short in length.  This doc is not even an hour long!  Add in the fact that its production level is kinda low as the footage is plagued with rendering hiccups that cause the footage to freeze frame for a moment before skipping slightly and it causes the end product to appear kinda "meh."  The movie isn't terrible, it just reeks of a lack of true commitment and effort.  It overall feels like the director went half-ass into the project when an entire ass was needed.  While the content is fun, this documentary is mostly fluff and doesn't quite reach the grandiose nature of the hairstyle it focuses in on.

Eh Gads!  A part of his mullet escaped and formed a mustache.

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