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Wanderlust - 4 out of 5

Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston (as George and Linda Gergenblatt) star as a married couple who lose their apartment after Rudd's character loses his job and they are forced to reside with George's gloating, boorish brother (Ken Marino) but along the way they come across a hippie commune that, at first, feels like paradise but may end up being one man's version of hell.

Ken Marino should have popped the collars on this character to maximize his
hilarious douche bag level.

Director David Wain...look, not all my captions
can be jokes, some have to be informative.
Written by David Wain and Ken Marino and directed by Wain himself, the film is a mildly charming and continuously funny romp with an amazing cast filled with Stella and The State veterans.  Alan Alda, Joe Lo Truglio, Micheal Showalter, Michael Ian Black, Keegan Michael Key (any more people with Michael in their names?) and Jordan Peele are only a few of the Michaels great actors taking the roles of some great eccentric characters that inhabit this movie and offer up some great chuckle moments.

No privacy when pooping...yep, a hippie commune is a living hell.

Despite knowing what they were actually singing because I
watched the movie, I like to pretend they are singing "I Like
Big Butts."
The movie's strongest aspect comes in the form of Paul Rudd as George.  This character is forced to not only deal with losing everything but the feeling of alienation as he comes to terms with the extraordinary surroundings he tries to engross himself in at the commune.  Rudd falls on his unique, nearly trademarked style of a sarcastic sense of humor that fits both him and the character so well as the discomfort level hit cataclysmic levels as the Super-Hippie Ladies Man; Seth (Justin Theroux), puts the moves on Mrs. Gergenblatt.

His mouth looks like he's about to drop an F-bomb but his eyes say, "Let's
play pinball."

Brad Pitt left her for Angelina Jolie?  Yeah, that
makes sense.  If I was Brad Pitt...I would be incredibly
hot and talented.
I've said it in the past that I'm not the biggest fan of Jennifer Aniston's work.  I don't find her to be a very compelling actress and have always seen her as just a somewhat pretty face to play "fill-in" for her roles--like she's the stand-in for the more talented actress who's stuck in traffic and on her way to set.  Unlike much of her previous work, Aniston's presence within this one didn't feel like a "fill-in-name-here" type of performance from her.  While she doesn't blow her role into the stratosphere, she plays her part well and her and Rudd show real chemistry together.  The only real drawback to her is the fact she can't hold scenes by herself in this film and looked as if she required backup throughout the movie.

Did you know a group of rattlesnakes is called a rumba?  See, I told you some of
my captions are informative.

Wanderlust isn't a tremendous comedy and the hippie stereotype gags start to lose their luster and novelty very early in the movie but with the other "non-hippie" jokes, a heart-filled story and a strong presence from Rudd and a fantastic supporting cast, Wanderlust is a fine movie to give a chance to and throw in every so often when you get bored or down or even suicidal...but if you're suicidal please seek some help...or eat some chocolate--it's hard to be unhappy when you're eating chocolate.  

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