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The Adventures of Pluto Nash

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The Adventures of Pluto Nash - 1 out of 5

I never saw this movie when it came out in 2002 because, let's face it, it looked lame and it was made during a time when Eddie Murphy was cracking out the bad movies at a speed that can only be described as fired out of some sort of bad movie Gatling gun--okay, I failed at that metaphor there.  So, I ignored this one...however, my love for bad movies has grown over the years and I find I seek out  the cheap, the poorly edited, the bad acted, the lame story doused, the low box office returning and all around stinker movies more than I seek out the good ones anymore.  So I recently decided to finally sit down and watch The Adventures of Pluto Nash.

Welcome to the WORLD OF TOMORROW!!!!

The film centers around an unspoken date within the future on a colony on the moon where former smuggler Pluto Nash (Eddie Murphy) opens a successful nightclub.  When a local mob boss decides he wants to buy up all the clubs in the colony for the approaching day that gambling becomes legal in that area, it's up to Pluto Nash, his robot bodyguard; Bruno (Randy Quaid) and a young hungry singer (Rosario Dawson) to try and save the club and save their necks.

There was a time when Eddie was required to put out a bad movie a month...
it's calmed down a bit since then and Adam Sandler is quickly taking over that

The film was conceived in the 80s, made in the early 00s and shelved for 2 years before finally being released.  After watching it and realizing it has a 6% on Rotten Tomatoes and was considered one of the biggest box office flops of all time (it nearly cost 100 million dollars to make and only pulled in about 7 million thanks to domestic, foreign and DVD sales), the argument can easily be made that it never should have left the shelves.

Was there a casting call for a black albino man with crossed eyes to play the
world's least intimidating henchman?

Right off the bat, the film's special effects are weak.  They look cartoonish and the green screen effects stand out like a sore thumb--amazing when you realize that with a far smaller budget and utilizing early compositing screen technology, the Battle of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back from the early 80s looks incredible when compared to seeing Rosario Dawson look like she was being projected on a bad matte painting.

At gun point...that's how they got Cleese into this one.

It's easy to overlook bad special effects if the film is strong in other categories like humor, story, acting and action.  Sadly, Pluto Nash has none of these.  For example, the movie looks confused on what genre it wants to reside in.  At first, it seems like it wants to be a comedy but then an action sequence will start that takes itself very seriously and you begin to wonder if the writers and filmmakers were trying to create a serious sci-fi action film with a hint of comedy but then you notice the overall campy presentation thanks to cheap sets that give the feel of a sci-fi serial you would see (if you're an older individual) at the cinema before your feature film on Saturdays.  This blatant lack of balance is just one of the many factors that worked against this movie.  I have to emphasize one of many.

Actual imitation of a person watching Pluto Nash.
Note the lack of a will to live being extinguished from
his eyes.

One of the largest aspects of the film's poor performance comes in from the acting and cast department.  It needs to be said that Alec Baldwin is in this one but it's a very, very, very small part and I don't know if it was due to the size of the role or the end product of the film but Baldwin went uncredited.

Why is that extra's tongue sticking out?  I sure hope he was fired for that...
fired out of a cannon.

Rosario Dawson has never been an actress who's ever blown me away with her talent and this movie is clearly no exception.  In fact, her character has no real need to be in the story and is only placed there to act as a romantic partner for Nash--nothing else.

Seriously, her role could have easily been edited out and it would NOT have
change the story one iota.

Randy Quaid offers up a few mildly amusing moments as the robot bodyguard; Bruno, but when you consider the overall film and seeing such talented men as Joe Pantolionao, the legendary John Cleese, and the hilarious comedian and fantastic Christopher Walken impressionist; Jay Mohr, are phoning in their roles within this one, any small seemingly unfunny moment from Quaid suddenly becomes a break from the monotony.

Did Mohr at least get to keep that dog for being in this one?

Finally, this is one of those movies you can justifiably blame Eddie Murphy on for it's amazing lameness.  First off, Murphy is not an action hero or a convincing ladies man.  Eddie is a very talent comedian but seeing him blast futuristic guns and then watch the embarrassing scene of Rosario Dawson unconvincingly look swooned over the cliche scene of hiding from the bad guys through the use of kissing with Eddie Murphy was just uncomfortable because it just doesn't fit Eddie and the kiss looked like something an Aunt would give you and the fact it cemented Dawson's crush into absolute love was just weird.  In fact, the entire film looks like Murphy is unsure why he's in it to begin with and is only on set because the check didn't bounce.

Hmmm...he wasn't very convincing as an action star in this one, maybe they can
work him into The Expendables's not like anyone in those films are convincing
action stars anymore anyway.

I put off watching The Adventures of Pluto Nash for a decade now and I realized I could have gone my entire like without seeing it.  However, that isn't to say that I regret watching it.  Far from it, in fact.  As bad as this movie is--and it is REALLY bad--it's actually fun to watch because it is in the fact that it's bad makes it fun to experience and funnier to make fun of. 


  1. OH MAN, this movie is such a turd. I feel like I should have a t-shirt made "I actually watched Pluto Nash". I bet I'd get mugged less, because people would assume I'm super tough.


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