Thursday, August 2, 2012

Casa de mi Padre

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Casa de mi Padre - 4 out of 5

I have to hand it to Will Ferrell, just when you think he's run the well dry with his comedic talents, he manages to star in something that is so drastically different than what put him initially in the spotlight and seems to, not so much reinvent himself, but showcases an he's a Pokemon.  Whether you like him or not, you got to hand it to the guy that he's more than willing to try new things.

Will Ferrell as a cowboy...if this was a Dane Cook blog, a joke about Brokeback Mountain.

After spending an entire month working on his dialect and learning Spanish, Ferrell stars as Armando, the least favored son of a small family trying to maintain their ranch.  When the golden son Raul returns with his beautiful bride-to-be, Armando finds himself stumbling into a drug war.

I think I accidentally screencapped a cowboy shitting himself.

Not many non-pirates can pull off a pirate-like beard
that Raul is pulling off right now.
Spoken entirely in Spanish (so, white conservatives should probably avoid this one as they might accidentally find themselves saying, "These boys need to stop jibber jabbering and go mow my lawn," before immediately recanting with, "I'm not racist, I have plenty of Mexican friends.  They know me by name at Taco Bell.")  Casa de mi Padre is a terrifically funny film.  However, the comedy elements come less from the story and more from an effort to make the film look low budget--which they do well through the use of editing, intentionally weak effects and breaking the fourth wall.  While some of the gags are directly built into the story--especially thanks to Nick Offerman playing a wickedly hilarious racist DEA Agent--most, however, are entirely derived from making the movie look cheap.

She's wet and wearing something white and clingy...I love this movie.

If it wasn't a comedy, the story would have probably been Robert Rodriguez's latest disappointing, ultra-violent film that doesn't work on any level.  But since it's NOT a Rodriguez movie, it's actually entertaining and, also unlike Rodriguez's works, it's filled with great acting--not just has-beens he's trying to resurrect in his continuing effort to be exactly like his more talented friend; Quentin Tarantino. 

Watch the movie and this beast will suddenly make sense.

There's really not much else to say about Casa de mi Padre.  While the story itself isn't ripe for much comedy, the Ha-ha's are worked in well and the overall movie is a great departure (and a slightly risky experiment) for Will Ferrell.  While the replay value may be limited due to the fact that most of the jokes don't come at you in a rapid-fire-like succession, the movie is still muy bueno with its creativity and unique comedic presentation.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I mentioned Taco Bell earlier in the review and I am now craving a 7-layer burrito with no sour cream and no cheese soaked in hot sauce.  You want anything?   

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