Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Safe House

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Safe House - 4 out of 5

Ryan Reynolds plays a young CIA agent (Matt Weston) who's sole job is to run a safe house that sees little use until the Holy Grail of fugitives with sensitive information named Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) comes through his front door.  After the team that brought Frost in is taking out when the house is infiltrated, it's up to Weston to get himself and his prisoner to safety...but safety may be an illusion when it's revealed what exactly Frost has in his possession.

Denzel goes hipster...only he does it ironically.  Which makes him more hipster
than your average hipster.

Safe House is a pretty straight forward action/thriller film.  The story is solid and the action sequences are gritty and entertaining as they offer up some emotional content as Weston is desperate to prove his worth...and the action scenes have a slight "Bourne" feel to them.  Not that the action scenes feel lifted from the Bourne films but they certainly feel like you could easily have replaced Ryan Reynolds with Matt Damon and you would have a new Bourne movie...at least action sequences worthy of Jason Bourne.

Even Ryan Reynolds gets sad.  It can't be easy being the wet dream of every
woman in America.

Reynold's performance is amazingly solid and he quickly steals the movie away from Denzel.  Now, Denzel is...decent in this movie.  Now, we all know actors LOVE to spew pretentious BS about their roles and how they do all this research for the part they are playing and, sometimes, we see the actor being no different than every other freaking role we've seen them in (and believe me, Denzel spewed some amazingly pretentious bullshit about studying for this role).  Despite all his talk, Denzel still had a lot of his character from Training Day--the angry, yet wise, smart-cracking and overly cool man--peaking through the character of Tobin Frost the entire film.  This actually wasn't surprising since every movie since Training Day, he's done this character.  I don't know if Denzel realizes this or not but just because he won an Academy Award for that role doesn't mean he'll get one every time he plays that character--even if you play the character on a runaway train.

Robert Patrick is in this?  Quick, fill in this caption with a T-1000 reference!

Read the following line in a sad voice and you'll laugh:
"*Sniff* King Kong, ain't got shit on me."
(Laugh not guaranteed)

Safe House is a very entertaining movie with a great, compelling story, tight action sequences and tremendous performances--especially the man who is too pretty to be a man; Ryan Reynolds (I want to be you, Reynolds...maybe I could finally lose my virginity if I looked like you!)  In fact, there's very little working against this movie as even the technical aspects like editing, camera work and lighting all look fantastic.  Other than the fact there's not much replay value to the film and the fact that Denzel's performance is overly familiar, this movie is just plain fantastic.  So...now, I've reached a dilemma...I'm not sure how to end this review.  I don't have any lame puns that a lot of critics like to end their reviews with and no deep thoughts like those stupid motivational posters that make the rounds on Facebook, so I don't know where to go.  Seriously, that's all I got.

Have a good day.


  1. LOL.. Poor Denzel, he got a lot of s*** thrown at him in this review :)

  2. Every time they would focus on the plot, my mind would just run away, but whenever the action came on, it was freakin’ awesome! Reynolds and Washington also did well together but once again, it’s pretty much Training Day without Ethan Hawke. Good review Rev. Ron.


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