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Eureka Season 4.5

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Eureka Season 4.5 - 5 out of 5
Second only to the epically amazing re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica, Eureka is my favorite show on SeeFee--I mean, SyFy.  When a town filled with the world's most intelligent minds needs a man to protect them, they called on average Joe;Jack Carter, and the new Sheriff in town suddenly finds himself in over his head as he finds that Eureka's problems are bigger than traffic violations and loitering.
Colin Ferguson makes the "hands on the hip" stance look far less creepy than
David Caruso did in C.S.I.:  Miami.
I make the same face when I discover I have no milk AFTER
I've poured my cereal into the bowl.
To put it simply, Eureka is brilliant!  It's smart, witty, hilarious and filled with great stories and very entertaining and endearing characters.  The town of Eureka is so compelling and fun that even though I'm considered a moron (ask every ex-girlfriend, it seems to be the consensus) that I want to live in the fictional town...I also want to live in the Star Wars universe, own a TARDIS and wear the One Ring--my real life is extremely disappointing.
The first photobomb on Saturn's moon of Titan!

Trying to allocate themselves to the new timeline that the main characters now find themselves in after their journey through time, this second half of Season 4 sees the town of Eureka preparing for a shuttle launch to one of Saturn's moon; Titan.  The town is preparing to see who will be on the mission all the while all the usual experiments gone wild are creeping, crawling, burning, imploding, gravity defying, DNA altering, black hole opening and whatever the hell else can happen in Eureka!
Max Headroom and Dr. Leo Spaceman in one show?!?

Dave Foley looks surprised.  I kinda thought a man who
use to regularly dress as a woman was incapable
of being surprised.
Like all seasons of Eureka, Season 4.5 is filled with amusing, entertaining episodes jam-packed with heart, hilarity and SCIENCE (I wanted another H-word for alliteration purposes but had nothing so I capitalized "science" to signify that I was yelling the word...also, I put my fist in the air in victory as I yelled it).  Also, like other seasons, great guest stars help fill in the ranks of Eureka's population including a more substantial return of former series regular; Matt Frewer, a fantastic reoccurring character from Wil Wheaton (who looks frighteningly like one of my best friends) and even amusing guest spots from the likes of Chris Parnell, one of the kids in the hall; Dave Foley, and Stan "The Man" Lee.
Seriously, every time I see Wheaton, I keep thinking my college roommate suddenly became an actor.

Stan "The Man" Lee?  More like Stan "Mother Fucking" Lee!
Eureka is phenomenally entertaining and the only real complaint I have about it is that the next season--Season 5--is the last season ever of one of the few good shows SyFy has ever had.  Damn you, SyFy!!!  I sure hope those awful ghost hunting shows work for you because if it wasn't for your un-apologetically shitty monster movies, I would have no reason to watch your network after you cancelled one of the only shows you have that actually draws viewers.

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