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Entourage Season 7

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Entourage Season 7 - 3 out of 5

The season before the end of Vinnie Chase, Ari, E, Turtle and Drama...and it could not be more mediocre.

"Hmm?  What's that?  Yes, I still am a stereotypical douche?"

John Cleese takes time out of his busy schedule of
being one of the coolest men on the planet to show up on this
mediocre show.
When I first started watching Entourage, the show was awesome.  It was full of partying, sex and foul-mouth rants from Ari Gold--in fact, the show became even better once the series' focus drifted away from the alien-looking character of Vincent Chase and it became more about Ari and the other characters, even the king of all douche bags Turtle.  Seriously, I've always found it hard to believe that women wanted to have sex with Vinnie.  I get he's suppose to be famous and it's a fictional show but the man looks like one of those carnival caricature drawings come to life.

Bob Saget playing Bob Saget...let's be honest, it's the only work he can get anymore.

However, towards Season 5 the show took a turn for the worse as the writing got sloppy and they were more concerned with celebrity guest stars and making sure there were boobs in each episode than actually having story content.  Storylines would start and never really finish and season spanning story arcs became weaker and, realistically, could barely be enough story fodder to go over 3 episodes.  But still, the show was mildly amusing.

"Nice they make them for non-douches?"

Even Stan Lee is shocked that he's in the show.
This season saw a break down in the group that was sorely needed.  Turtle fails at creating his own business and not much comes from it other than another business venture (similar treatment of this character came with his numerous love interests that seem to come and go--it's clear that the writers have no idea what to do with Turtle) but the true entertainment comes from Vinnie's sudden addiction to drugs and adrenaline while Ari's mouth has finally come around to take a firm chunk out of his backside as he's being sued and the public backlash could cause him to lose his family.

The intense look of a man about to do some serious porn browsing on the 'net.

And actor Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase) actually kissed
her...making him a very brave man when you consider
what other bodily fluids (and how much of them) have been
in Gray's mouth.
Like all seasons, there's plenty of special guest cameos and in this season porn star Sasha Gray becomes a big part of the story as she begins to date Vincent...hence making the porn star in that duo the lesser of the two whores (not that Sasha Gray is a whore, but I would think she would get the joke).  But like recent seasons, there's just not enough going on here.  Drama is trying to get a show started but that B-story comes and goes, while E is barely having any presence other than a set piece--despite the fact his character is now engaged to the lovely Sloan.

I'm just spitballing here but I think Mike Tyson is describing an apple he once ate.

Sticking with what the show's become, Season 7 is just barely entertaining--entertaining enough to be watchable but barely a shadow of its former self.  Even Ari's usual creative and vulgar rants and a decent cliffhanger ending to the season isn't enough to pick up this show before its final season, the next one...if you're counting, that's Season 8.

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