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Demoted - 2 out of 5

I've never been demoted at a job.  Never really been promoted either.  Most day jobs I've had were the type where you're underpaid, overworked, under-appreciated and disrespected--basically, a normal job.  But never have I been demoted...but when you're always on the bottom, it's hard to go any lower.

Demoted is a comedy about two tire salesmen (Sean Astin and Michael Vartan) who are good at their jobs and tight with the boss but they're kinda dicks...especially to their fellow salesman (Ken Castro) played by David Cross.  When their boss suddenly kicks the bucket, Castro becomes the man in charge and immediately demotes the two salesmen to secretaries.  Revenge becomes the name of the game as the two salesmen are forced to enjoy a meal of humble pie as they now have to enter the working pool of individuals they weren't so respectful to over the years.

If only he blue himself...

I like David Cross and I like Sean Astin so I was a little eager to see this one when I picked it up at the Redbox but it failed on delivering the one thing this comedy needed to failed to be funny.  Occasionally, the film offers a moment or two where a minor chuckle would lazily pour past my lips but, for the most part, I was silent for a majority of the film.

I guess it's hard to be funny after all he saw in Middle Earth.

The concept seemed amusing enough, so why didn't it work?  Simple, the story was far too flat to offer up the humor the concept had the potential to deliver.  First off, our two salesmen friends comes off as utter douche bags but this is expected because they need to learn the error of their ways--that's right, being a douche is a bad thing, guy drunk on Axe body spray and Monster Energy Drink.  Also, David Cross' character is victimized by these guys and when the chips are on his side, he issues some (albeit overboard) retaliation.  Not desiring to be messed with, the demoted duo begin to once again resume the torture they once inflicted on Castro character.  So, even though the sales dudes kinda learn their lesson (when it comes to disrespecting their now fellow secretaries), they also severely don't learn a thing as being a dick got them in trouble to begin with and being a dick is getting them out.  So, in the end, they are still dicks...just dicks who are nice to their fellow secretaries.

This is Billy West...a God in the world of voice acting.  Kneel before him
like his name is Zod.

David Cross is a known funnyman but there wasn't much his character brought to the table.  Most of the paltry laughs this movie gave me came from him (one came from Astin's character and the other one came when I saw my cat over-jump my kitchen table and slide off the other end--so, one of the laughs didn't even come from the movie)  The rest of the time, Cross looks like he's just collecting a pay check...

And speaking of collecting a paycheck...Ron White is another funnyman
they viciously underutilized in this one.

Finally, the 2nd salesman (Michael Vartan) becomes a horrid tag team partner to Sean Astin.  Rudy needed a good teammate to carry the film with and without Frodo around, Samwise looks lost and alone as Vartan is basically an oatmeal character--he's just bland, flavorless and you didn't actually want it to begin with but you're now stuck with this tasteless crap.

They couldn't get anyone better?

Demoted is a largely uninspired comedy that barely trudges along.  Voice actor extraordinaire and voice of Fry on Futurama; Billy West, has a small part in the movie but even his epic talents can't save this film from jokes that are nearly nonexistent as the rest of the cast couldn't look more disinterested in the entire project.

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