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Archer Season 2

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Archer Season 2 - 5 out of 5

I know I say this every time I review a season of a show that airs on FX but dammit do I love that network!  Their dramas are so drama-ry and their comedies are so comedy...ry.

Archer is one of the prime examples of why the network really has quality programming as they take a animated program that, with its look and writing, would normally be on Adult Swim as a 11 minute episode aired in-between anime and let's it be a half hour of glory!  But the vague resemblance that this show has with such awesomeness as Frisky Dingo and Sealab 2021 shouldn't be a surprise as the man that acted, wrote and produced those shows created this epic one; Adam Reed.

Creator Adam Reed came up with the character of Archer while in Spain when he couldn't approach a
beautiful woman sitting nearby.  So, he came up with the idea of a spy who could get any lady he wanted.
Once again, inability to speak to good looking ladies has created something amazing.
It's how The Lord of the Rings was written.

For those unfamiliar with Archer, the show is about a spy agency called ISIS who is out to protect our country...all the while engaging in racy, off-color and downright offensive shenanigans within the office...and around the world.  Everyone from the director of the office to her son--super-spy and ladies' man Sterling Archer--to her best agent to the lowly secretary of the office is a collection of some of the most depraved, disturbed and hilarious cast of characters ever committed to ink and paint...although it's done entirely from a little invention called the computer, no ink or paint here.  Drinking, fighting, violence, drug use and sex are all combined with a heavy dose of racist and sexist jokes to make some of the most offensively amazing humor this side of basic cable. 

We've all been there...

Season 2 carries on the torch that Season 1 started and only improves and gets better as we see Archer possibly become a father after possibly impregnating a hooker, ISIS possibly being sold to competing secret agency ODIN, it's discovered that secretary Cheryl is a millionaire and some kidnappers are out for her head and Archer is determined to discover who his father really is.  I thought Season 1 was hilarious but this season got even better as we saw more of the man who has become my favorite character on the show, Barry.  Voice by the creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, now renamed to Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1, and Squidbillies, Dave Willis not only has the perfect acting voice but the timing that makes the already funny on paper character of Barry even funnier when brought to life through animation--especially when Barry undergoes a Million Dollar Man-like transformation after his interactions with Archer keep leaving him in worse and worse shape.

Barry has become so funny in my book, I want to see him every episode.

If you've ever experienced the brilliant writing that was Sealab 2021, you know Adam Reed can write unique comedy like nobody's business but when you add in a collection of talented voice actors, nobody's business just got a whole lot more nobody's businesser.  Arrested Development alumni Judy Greer, Jessica Walter and Jeffrey Tambor are here, Chris Parnell is kicking ass as Cyril, Aisha Tyler is hysterical as Lana Kane but most importantly is the fact Archer is voiced by one of the best in the voice acting business right now, a man who has become iconic in the world of animation and he doesn't EVER have to disguise his voice because it is that great--the man, the myth; H. Jon Benjamin.  If you find yourself scratching your head over the name, I guarantee you've heard his voice over and over again.

I try to remind myself she's just a collection of pixels but man, am I attracted to Lana Kane.

Archer is one of those shows that is more solid than solid from every perspective it comes at.  The animation looks great, the voice acting is awesome, there isn't a single character who can't pull their weight and it is, most importantly, pants-wettingly funny.  So funny that when I finished this season, I was filled with near incurable depression because there was no more funny in the DVD set....luckily there is a Season 3!

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