Thursday, February 16, 2012

Turner & Hooch

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Turner & Hooch - 3 out of 5

Valentine's Day 2012...I have no Valentine and I'm home alone so I decide to watch the greatest pairing to ever hit the silver screen, of course I'm talking about Turner & Hooch.

Reginald VelJohnson is in this:  Twinkie and Urkel free!

Turner's next partner will be a volleyball with a
bloody hand print on it.
For some reason in 1989, cop/dog buddy comedies hit the theaters in the form of K-9 and Turner & HoochK-9 was the first to be released but it was the Tom Hanks starred dog/cop film that garnered all the attention despite having similar stories.  Maybe it's because James Belushi was in the former and despite a global cry, we can't seem to stop Belushi from being on TV and movies.  In Turner & Hooch, Hanks is Turner and he's a cop investigating a murder of a man and the only witness is the big drooling machine called Hooch.  Since the Dog Whisperer is still years away and snake-oil salesmen have yet to tap the oil reserve that is pet psychics in 1989, the dog can't take the stand so Turner takes Hooch home until they can figure out a way for the dog to I.D. the killer and, in the process, a pairing of a messy dog and a clean freak occurs with hilarity ensuing shortly after.

The dog is better at projecting emotion than Sam Worthington.

I haven't seen Turner & Hooch since I was a kid and never revisited it because, believe it or not, there was a time (while in college) I couldn't stand Tom Hanks anymore.  I'm not sure what caused this but I think it has to do with Forrest Gump and how it soaked into popular culture to the point every time a person ran I had to hear, "Run, Forrest, Run."  However, I'm over that and decided to watch the dog/cop buddy comedy all over again.  As a kid, I liked the film because there was a dog in it and...well, that's all I really needed.  Now as an adult, I get to appreciate the film on a different level.

Is Hanks wearing womens underwear?

Seeing this pair as a older, wiser man I get to appreciate the fact that both Hanks and the Dogue de Bordeaux (that's the breed of Hooch, thanks Wikipedia!) actual show some real chemistry on screen.  As a testament to Hanks acting ability, we actually see a realistic progression of Turner going from loathing to loving the dog and the two look like one of those owner/pet couples and if the ending was different, I could see Turner buying sweaters for the pooch and posing with him for X-mas cards.  Thanks to IMDb, I learned that Hanks became attached to the dog, so that explains the chemistry.

I have no caption for Craig T. Nelson being in this movie because, let's face it, Craig
T. Nelson is pretty cool.  I mean he was Coach for crying out loud and Mr. Incredible.

Now, you're probably asking yourself if I really believe that Turner and Hooch are the best duo to be seen in a movie.  Okay, so maybe Turner and Hooch aren't the greatest pairing to be on the silver screen and my watching it on Valentine's Day was more of a joke that only amused me but it doesn't change the fact it's a good movie.  The jokes may not be the funniest and the story may move really fast but it's a decent film that does the job of entertaining pretty well.

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