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A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!

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A Fairly Odd Movie:  Grow Up, Timmy Turner! - 3 out of 5

Since I discovered The Fairly OddParents in college, I've been an avid fan and was overjoyed
Not to nitpick but I remember Jorgen being a little bigger
and having more muscle tone in the cartoon.  Are you telling me
they couldn't find a bodybuilder who could do an
Arnold impression for this movie?  Because that's basically
what Jorgen is.
when series creators announced they were bringing the show back for an 8th season starting at the end of 2011.  Perhaps it was the poor execution and reviews of this live-action film that was suppose to be the end of the show that caused this decision?  I don't know but all I can say is that A Fairly Odd Movie:  Grow Up, Timmy Turner! was a pretty lackluster outing for a cartoon series that has always been a shining star in Nickelodeon's otherwise worthless network (SpongeBob is the only other star).

Baby Poof hits the real CG form.

Being a huge fan of the cartoon series, I really wanted to like this live-action movie that shows
young Timmy Turner as a 23 year old man still living with his parents, still in Mr. Crocker's class and still wishing to his heart's content with his fairies Cosmo, Wanda and little baby Poof.  However, it's revealed by the mighty fairy Jorgen that he's suppose to lose his fairies when he enters adulthood but since Timmy is refusing to grow up, it seems that he'll have the trio all his life.  But, fear not because there is a clause in Da Rule Book that states if Timmy falls in love his journey to being an adult will be complete.  It's at this point he finds out Tootie has returned to town and is no longer the annoying little sister of Vicki with pigtails and glasses that Timmy remembers.

Wow...Tootie got HOT!!!

While all this is happening, a rich tycoon who goes by the moniker Hugh J. Magnate arrives in the town of Dimmsdale and is out to destroy the beloved park in order to take the oil reserves underneath it and build a hotel on top of it.  Using his fairies, Timmy thwarts the plans and begins to win Tootie's heart in the process.  However, Magnate teams with the fairy-crazed Crocker and begins a new plan that will help him revive his old plan:  Steal Timmy's fairies, kidnap Tootie and finally get his hands on that sweet oil.

Real-life Chester and Arthur have their moments...let's face it, this movie is a collection of moments.

David Lewis did a great job bringing Cocker to life.
My expectations were high going into this live-action film but they may have been set too high as the film kinda flops.  I have to give an "A" for effort as the movie still has a feeling of a cartoon and they did a decent job of bringing in actors who adequately portrayed their ink and paint counterparts.  Special mention to Daran Norris as Timmy's Dad because he actually provides the voice on the animated program and he already looks like the character, so it was a natural fit.  We even got to see Cosmo and Wanda enter the real world as they go from CG fairies to actors in the form of Cheryl Hines and Jason Alexander in an effort to stop Timmy from falling head-over-heels for the now gorgeous Tootie.  In fact, there were a lot of elements that did a great job of making the jump from cartoon to real-life but the things that didn't work, overpower them like the a high school student's Axe body spray being overpowered by their body order--come on, kids, get with it!  Axe body spray smells terrible and, contrary to what the commercials say, it won't make women fall all over you like it's made of 100 dollar bills and it DOESN'T replace a shower with good old fashion soap and water.

Costanza with green hair.  Festivus will be awkward this year.

Timmy's parents were always one of the funniest
aspect of the cartoon.  This movie could have used more
of them.
The biggest drawback the movie has is the casting of Timmy Turner.  Timmy is the central character of the show and this movie and they needed someone who could capture the extremely naive but amazingly creative and heroic character that has made The Fairly OddParents such an entertaining show over the years.  Did Nickelodeon do that?  Simple answer:  No.  Instead they just went into their archives and pulled out an actor from one of their past shows (possibly because it was cheaper but more likely Nick is just like Disney and wants to keep shoving bad acting tweens, teenagers and young adults who act poorly and sing even worse down our throats).  So, Nick grabs Drake Bell from Drake & Josh slapped a pink hat on him and called him Timmy Turner and Drake's performance is far FAAAARRRR from Timmy Turner.

Seriously, Drake Bell was terrible.  Good thing he has no real career to speak of.

A Fairly Odd Movie:  Grow Up, Timmy Turner! was suppose to be the final bell to ring for The Fairly OddParents but with the overall phoned in feel the film gave, the sound that rang from the bell was brutally off-key.  While it was mildly entertaining to sit through and some of the jokes lived up to the humor standard set by the cartoon, the lackluster performance of Drake Bell and the overall rushed feel the movie had hurt its final product bad.  But look at it this way:  The movie turned out to be such a bad ending that it gave rise for the cartoon series to return!

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