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Trespass - 1 out of 5

I'll be honest. When this film hit the theaters (believe it or not, only last month), I had absolutely no interest in seeing it. However, when it came out on DVD, it gave me one big reason to check it out: It broke the record for going from theaters to DVD--it only took 18 days! Hearing that and the fact that the film cost 35 million to make and only pulled in $24,000, I suddenly had another reason to watch the movie. And then I remembered that Joel Schumacher directed it--the same guy who nearly destroyed the Batman movie franchise if it wasn't for the heroics of Christopher Nolen--and it had promise that we might see Nicolas Cage overact--so, in reality, it turned out that there were several reasons for me to watch this movie.

"I'm ready to over-act the shit out of this role!"

If you've seen any of the other films where a family is taken hostage for cash within their own homes (and there are a lot of them) then you already know the premise of the film. Some armed goons storm Nic Cage's home and take him, his daughter and his wife hostage. By the way, his wife is played by Nicole Kidman who, apparently, has given up on taking good roles. So on and so on, the movie progresses in a way you would predict it to and nothing really new or original is added to this familiar story.

Nicole Kidman is reminiscing over her once promising career.

The movie, for the lack of a better word and the lack of motivation to find one in a thesaurus, is boring. However, it's worth viewing because you get to see what type of movie gets pulled from the theaters after only being there for 10 days. You also get to see Nic Cage out-overact...well, Nic Cage. And that alone, is enough reason to watch this terrible, horrible film.

Nic just caught a glimpse of the DVD's. They actually started making them while the film was still being shot.

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