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Supernatural Season 6

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Supernatural Season 6 - 5 out of 5

After the last season of the only good show on the CW ended, I couldn't help but wonder what direction was left to go because it felt like the Brothers Winchester had already hit their peak and arrived at the very top.  Last season saw Sam and Dean taking on the Apocalypse.  They fought the Four Horsemen and went head-to-head with Lucifer himself.  The Gates of Heaven and the domain of Hell spilled out into the world of man and it was up to these two hunters to stop it and, after making the ultimate sacrifice to cage the Devil and the Archangel Michael by throwing himself into the pit with them, Sam gets locked away in the realm of the Underworld and Dean is forced into retirement, giving up killing monsters for a semblance of a normal life.  Honestly, where can you go from there?  I had my doubts that Season 6 could live up to what Season 5 brought to the table because, I'll be honest, that season was the best but the writers showed me a thing or two and brought about another epic season.

That's right, Death is back!

After willing locking himself into a cage with an angry angel and demonic overlord, Sam is mysteriously back on Earth and, after a year on his own, seeks out his brother.  After their reunion, and some demon-slaying, the brothers discover that Sam is back without his soul.  Utilizing the help of their old friend, the fallen angel Castiel and Death himself, the Winchesters set out to reclaim Sam's soul--even though it could mean doom for Sam.

Castiel, the best shadow puppeteer ever!

Now, while all this is happening, Heaven and Hell are in anarchy and full on civil war.  After Lucifer's fall, the King
Oh yeah, Bobby is still here!
of the Crossroads; Crowley, stepped in to reign over the fire and brimstone--along with a mission to uncover the location of Purgatory.  Crowley uses the brothers to fight the now overwhelming amount of monsters flooding the Earth in order to discover the entrance to the realm that all bad beasts go to die.  Meanwhile, Castiel is doing all he can to fight Raphael up in the clouds.  Little do the Brothers know, there is some shady dealings going on between the dark and the light.

I can't get enough of Mark Sheppard's portrayal of Crowley.

Like the previous seasons, we see episodes that have just the right mix of horror, humor and wit with some awesome classic rock edited in for good measure.  Once again, the writers of Supernatural have crafted an excellent story arc that covers the entire season at an incredible pace.  When the season began, the show felt like it was returning to its roots and focused on more close-ended episodes that would offer small hints and clues to the overall story that would span the run of the season.  However, as the middle of the run neared, the episodes took less emphasis on these closed-ended stories and the only breaks that occurred where episodes that involved humor (like a parody of The X-Files and one that makes fun of Twilight) and, quite possibly one of the most brilliant episodes I've seen, one that breaks the fourth wall and inserts the Winchesters into a world where their life is a TV show and they become the very actors who are portraying them.  Does that blow your mind?

"These guys aren't vampires...they're douche bags."  Thanks Dean for saying that!

The season culminates in an amazing cliff hanger that makes the entire distance traveled worth it.  But let's face it, Supernatural always does their season finales great...and I say that not only because we get "The Road So Far..." where the season is recapped to Kansas' "Carry On My Wayward Son" (and recapped like a boss to that song) but because the ending opens up the entire Season 7's stories, practically making the episodes write themselves.  But seriously, they know how to use this song right.

Hey, that's Freddy Krueger!

Check it out the link.  (Sorry, every video I found has the embedding disabled.)

Even with the usual awesome usage of an amazing song, the final moments of the season finale are just plain incredibly and makes the idea of the show going to Season 7 completely plausible after the doubt I had about when I first sat down for this season.  Can't wait to start it up!

Diarrhea can feel like your face is on fire and you're in Hell.

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