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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3 - 5 out of 5

If you didn't catch it when I threw it out there on my review of Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-Ray, I'm a psychotic Star Wars fan. It is, and always will be my first love. Sometimes, Star Wars is the only good thing in my life. When I step on the scale, get rejected by a lady, go to work or look at my bank account, I always have Star Wars and its expansive universe to remind me that not all in my life sucks royal ass. It's like George Lucas himself comes over to my place and wraps me up in a big bear hug and says, "Here, Ron, read the latest novel" or "enjoy the latest Darkhorse comic" or "watch and submerge yourself in the amazing bliss that is my animated series on the Cartoon Network."

This character (the one with the beard) has a cameo in Episode III and, fun fact, is played by Star Wars creator himself, George Lucas. Yep, I'm a dork.

The third season of the amazing animated series that showcases the skirmish that ultimately
allowed Palpatine to get control of the universe, kill the Jedi and create the Galactic Empire is just as amazing as its previous seasons. The action is still intense and the voice actors they utilize to bring the amazing characters that filled the galaxy far, far away to life are second to none. Some highlights include Seth Green, Liam Neeson returning as Qui-Gon Jinn, Clancy Brown and Sam Witwer--you might remember him as Starkiller in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and its sequel. Not to mention the usual group bringing the show's familiar cast to life like Tom Kane, Ashley Eskstein, Kevin Michael Richardson, Matt Lanter, Dee Bradley Baker and of course, C-3PO himself; Anthony Daniels.

A young Tarkin's interaction with Anakin foreshadows their alliance we get to see in A New Hope.

The art is still one of a kind and beautiful as it takes 3D animation and makes it look as if it was hand-painted. The stories showcase within the season are just as good as well as we see Anakin Skywalker get a glimpse at his dark future, Ahsoka forced to fend for herself when she's taken prisoner and hunted for sport. We get to see Count Dooku kicking the ass of Darth Maul's brother--and this also teases us with the return of the Zabrak Sith Lord in the next season!

Darth Maul's equally bad-ass brother Savage Opress.

Here's an awesome teaser trailer for Maul's return...

And, as if the show wasn't cool enough, the big man, the wild Wookiee himself shows up at the end--that's right, Chewie is here ready to rip some arms out of their sockets.

Wookiees know how to make a dramatic and eerie lit entrance!

Strangely absent during the series' run was the higher ups in the Jedi Council. The wise Yoda and the bad-ass Mace Windu took a more background presence and only appear in a few episodes.
Even Chancellor Palpatine himself only appeared sporadically during the season. However, this shouldn't be surprising because entering its third season, the show has created a cavalcade of characters and with an already rich library of characters seen within the Expanded Universe (for you non-Star Wars fans, that would be the characters seen in the books, comics and video games--but then again, this show is considered the Expanded Universe as well--consider your mind blown!) finding the time to fit in all these characters, especially in a show that spans a galactic war, is extremely difficult.

Fans of the comics will rejoice when we get to see Quinlin Vos come to life.

For a Star Wars fan like myself, The Clone Wars is just perfect. It has all the best elements of the movies and then more. So much more that even the occasional inclusion of Jar Jar Binks can be forgiven. The Force is with me as I get ready to watch Season 4!

This series gave me one of my new favorite Star Wars characters...Cad Bane!

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