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Reckless Kelly

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Reckless Kelly - 3 out of 5

If you follow my blog and caught my review of Yahoo Serious' first film; Young Einstein, you might remember that I really didn't enjoy it.  However, since Serious only did three films, I decided to give all of them a shot and see why America had a very, VERY brief love affair with Mr. Serious.

This is Serious' serious face....seriously.  (Don't worry, I'll punch myself in the face for that bad joke.)

Reckless Kelly was Yahoo's 2nd film and, like his first one, is a fictitious "re-imagining" of a legend.  In Young Einstein, he played Albert Einstein (if he was Australian) and in this one, he's playing a modern day (modern in the sense the film was made in 1993 and that already feels like an eternity ago) Ned Kelly--a folk hero in Australia.  Kelly has a band of outlaws who "Robin Hood" the banks Down Under.  They steal from the rich and deposit the money into the accounts of the poor.  The banks, fed up with this treatment, decide it's time to take Kelly out and to do so, they decide to take his land from him because, as they state in the film, they can't kill him because they're bankers.  Of course they offer him a chance to buy the land himself but it costs the nice round number of one million dollars.  Now, since Kelly only robs Aussie banks in order to give to those less fortunate, he decides to go to America and rob banks there--and he has his loophole!  However, upon arriving in Hollywood, Kelly's talents with a gun gets him notice by the film industry and he becomes an actor.

This was actually the funniest part of the film, in my opinion.  The movie Kelly stars in is called The Christian Cowboy.  Blasphemy can be funny!

Going into the film, I suspected I would get the same reaction I had while watching Young Einstein and not find the film funny because of the predictable jokes and tiresome Australian stereotypes they try to lampoon--even though they are Australian but I guess if you can't make fun of yourself, what good are you?  While the film did have many of the obvious gags about those from Down Under (like their love of beer), the film was actually better than Serious' first film--which, if you're paying attention, my buddy was right!

Hey, Hugo Weaving was in this movie...and he kinda looks pissed that he was.

While the film isn't incredibly laugh out loud funny and many predictable jokes are still there, it did make me chuckle with the silliness of it all.  Reckless Kelly is innocent enough, quirky enough and overall contains just enough lightheartedness that it actually was pretty damn entertaining.  It's far from being an excellent film but, especially compared to Yahoo's first foray into filmmaking, it's an amazing jump forward.  Even Serious comes off as a less chaotic of an actor in this one.  Yahoo's acting was brought down a couple of notches (unlike in Einstein) and, in doing so, made him a legitimate leading man.  In the end, Reckless Kelly wasn't amazing but it was pretty fun to watch.

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