Sunday, November 6, 2011

The League Season 2

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The League Season 2 - 5 out of 5

The boys are back for a second season on the fantasy football-themed show on FX! And it is better than the first season!

Where can I get one of those sweaters?

I would think it's pretty obvious to anyone who reads my reviews can see that I am a geek and not really a sports guy. So, how on earth can I enjoy a show about some dudes playing fantasy football? Simple: It's funny as all hell. Yes, there's a bunch of pro-football players' names being dropped and I have no idea who they are and there's a lot of technical game jargon being tossed around like touchdown and starting line and I'm clueless to what they are talking about (in case you're wondering, that's a joke, I actually know what a touchdown is) but the true delight that comes from this show is the characters and the antics they get into because of their league. Their drive to best each other week after week all the while trying to live their lives with their families (or lack there of for some characters) is pure comic gold.

Hey it's Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson! (I honestly, have no idea who this guy is, had to look him up on The Google)

All the awesome characters from Season 1 return. Guys like the trickster Pete (Mark Duplass); who has a fantastic bit in the season finale where he buys a Crown Victoria car and starts
impersonating an officer of the law, Ruxin (Nick Kroll); the man with the hot wife and his love for her often ends up interfering with his attention to the league, Kevin (Stephen Rannazzisi); the man who last season used his wife to help him in the league but now has to endure her own participation in the league with her own team, Andre (Paul Scheer); the punching bag of the group who takes more abuse than any of the others and, finally, my personal favorite member of the crew; Taco (Jonathan Lajoie); the man I can most relate to because he literally has no idea what he is doing in the league. These guys and their interactions are just as good as last season but one new character was added that deserves special mention...Rafi, played by Jason Mantzoukas.

Rafi is definitely one of the season's highlights.

Rafi appears at the beginning of the season as a new participant into the league. He's Ruxin's brother-in-law and he's...a little insane, to say the least. His presence at the beginning of the season is fantastic and provides some great laughs but he disappears until near the end of the season--however, I can't help but think that this could have been a good thing. Rafi, although funny, has the potential to be a Dwight Schrute character. Someone who is fantastic and entertaining but then starts to become a one-joke pony that you start to get tired of. The main group has enough dynamic and combination possibilities with their individual personalities where something like this couldn't happen but the presence of Rafi could have easily seen this done. Rafi is very funny and I really like the character but he is definitely one of those characters who is best served in small doses.

Comedy fact: Adding a monkey to a scene makes it 75% funnier.

Even though I don't play, watch or pay any attention to the world of sports or fantasy football, The League is an amazing show with fantastic writing that surpassed the first season with this outing. The characters are great and all are played perfectly by some awesome actors. The season provides tons of laughs and culminates in an excellent ending that can easily be described as "epic." Can't wait to start up season 3.

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