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Horrible Bosses

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Horrible Bosses - 4 out of 5

The true American kill your boss.

I love dark comedies and I'm also apart of that majority that doesn't really enjoy their boss. I wouldn't say I've ever hated a boss to the point that I would honestly consider taking their lives like our main characters in Horrible Bosses but there is definitely a common ground I could easily find myself on when relating to this one. I suppose I don't really need to give you the premise of the film because, I just told you. Three guys who have come to loathe the people they work for decide it's time for those people to die...and then hilarity ensues!

"Can we turn on the radio or something?"

Nick Hendricks (Jason Bateman) hates his boss Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey) because, as he puts
it he's a "total fucking asshole." Harken is condescending and uses a promise of a promotion to manipulate Nick into working harder and keeping him firmly under his heel. Dale Arbus (Charlie Day) is a dental assistant and his boss (Jennifer Aniston) is constantly sexually harassing him and she's, as he puts it, an "evil crazy bitch." Finally, Kurt Buckman (Jason Sudeikis) actually loves his job. He gets along with his boss (Donald Sutherland) great and he seems to be on the fast track to one day running the company...of course, that is until his boss passes away and his coke-addict of a child takes over (played by Colin Farrell). The new boss is out only for profit and is more than ready to run the company in the ground to get it. Now, the dominoes are in place and the friends decide enough is enough and it's time to put these bosses into the ground.

Charlie Day was very funny in this one. Looking forward to more movie roles for him.

Going into Horrible Bosses, there was the possibility that this could have been another generic comedy that so often fills up the shelf space at your local retail store but I was quite surprised how much I laughed. The premise alone is enough to get your average viewer to enjoy but the strong performances from the employed and the employers really drove the film home. Occasionally, Jason Bateman and Charlie Day can come off as performing their popular counterparts of Michael Bluth and Charlie from It's Always Sunny but with an R-rating and a situation I'm pretty sure Michael would never be in (Charlie maybe), they are more than capable of diverging from familiar territory.

Anything to get out of work.

Charlie Day's performance, in my opinion, really made the movie but some of the other
performances were pretty surprising. I already knew Kevin Spacey would be great because, well, let's face it, he usually doesn't disappoint but Colin Ferrell playing a balding, over-weight douche bag coke snorter was a bit of a surprised. Seeing him in the trailer, I had my doubts he would play the role because the comedic roles I've seen him in the past were never so over-the-top but Colin pulls off the role wonderfully--to the point I wished his part was larger. Even more surprising was the fact I found myself saying that Jennifer Aniston was hot.

My dentist did this to me once. He's a nice guy but it was a little weird.

I was never a fan of the show Friends and while I would admit that I think Aniston is attractive, I never found her to be a steaming fog of sexy. However, her role as Dr. Julia Harris and all the foul-mouth, overly explicit sexual barrages that come firing out of her mouth completely sheds and obliterates the old, sweet-heart, girl-next-door way that I've always seen her as. What I'm trying to say is that I saw Aniston deliver on a role to a level I've never seen her deliver before. Prior to this film, she's always been Jennifer Aniston in whatever movie she was doing but this one, she was someone different.

Okay Bateman, let's get started on the return of Arrested Development.

With a great cast giving a great performance and jokes that refrain from hitting the predictable--not to mention a storyline that anyone who's ever worked a single job in their life can relate to-- Horrible Bosses is definitely a comedy I will come back to in the future...especially when I get the urge to kill my employer.

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