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Cheaper by the Dozen

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Cheaper by the Dozen - 3 out of 5

Did you know he's a huge Doctor Who fan?  Once again proving why he's one of the coolest dudes on the planet.
12 kids?  I can't even handle my own life let alone 12.
Cheaper by the Dozen is a film I wrote off when I first saw the trailer.  Although I'm a big fan of Steve Martin (he's even one of my biggest influences on me while in my youth that inspired me to pursue a career in comedy), the film appeared to be one of those family films that is built around a gimmick with loads of weak jokes about said gimmick that ultimate neither delights or entertains and, by the time the credits roll, you actually hate your family more for having sat through it.  However, one day while bored out of my mind and absentmindedly flipping through the channels on the old idiot box, I came across this movie (possibly being played on TNT or TBS or whatever station plays the family friendly films in the middle of the day) and I found myself hooked.  Since I wasn't able to finish it while it was on the boob tube, I went to my local library and picked up the DVD.  And I have to say, all my preconceived notions about the movie were wrong.

Hello, character from Seinfeld whom I don't feel like acknowledging in the predictable way.

Hmmm...two of their kids are Superman and Lizzie McGuire.
Alright, Cheaper by the Dozen isn't a laugh riot or an epic film BUT, I found it to be pretty entertaining.  Sure the movie is a gimmick (a family with 12 kids) and it's filled with predictable jokes on that gimmick (the family's name is Baker--get it?  Baker's dozen--wait, shouldn't they have 13 kids then?).  However, the film showed some heart and having Steve Martin leading the way, it was kinda hard for me to NOT enjoy the film on some level.

"I'm not a good actor"...he actually says this in the movie.  Thanks, Ashton for finally admitting it.

I said they had heart but Martin looks like he wants out.
Granted, it's difficult to enjoy the film when you put into account that Ashton Kutcher is in it--hell, it's hard to enjoy any movie that contains that obnoxious asshat--And don't give me that, "But Ron, The Butterfly Effect is a great movie," because it isn't.  I don't care what you say, that movie blows and it's all because of that doofus.  But when you're able to ignore him (and some of the lame gags), the movie isn't bad to sit down and just have a good time with.  Add in that Steve Martin and the gang actually have some chemistry on the screen and have the look of a real (albeit, unnecessarily large) family and you have something.  The children of the Baker clan may lack from any real depth and are all just basic sibling stereotypes (teenage daughter obsessed with fashion, the twins, the fat one, the black sheep and apparently one is Superman) but the movie is a family film--who would expect dynamic character development from it?  No, in the end, Cheaper by the Dozen is one of those films that doesn't challenge the mind but doesn't kick it in the cerebellum either.  Dozen is basically one of those mildly entertaining movies that you like to pop in the DVD player once and awhile and kick it with the family with some pizza and popcorn...and possibly beer if you're a bad parent.

Wait a second, Sam Winchester was in this?!?  So, Jared Padalecki DID have a career before Supernatural.

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