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Bio-Dome - 2 out of 5

If there every was a movie that can single-handedly make you hate the 90s, it's Bio-Dome.

After re-visiting In the Army Now with Pauly Shore awhile back (here's my review:, I decided to go back and watch other Pauly Shore films--not all at once, mind you, I would like to keep my sanity in check. So, the next one I went back to was the 1996 film; Bio-Dome. A little story about two stoner, grudge-punks with little brains and even smaller concern for the environment who end up getting locked into a scientific experiment where a bunch of eco-scientists try to create a self-contained ecosystem.

Why is Pauly Shore staring at Baldwin's junk?

Like I stated at the beginning, if there ever is a movie that can make you hate the entire decade of the 90s, it's this one. Our two main characters (named Bud and Doyle, played by Shore and Stephen Baldwin) are your typical stoners but, of course, with the 90s twist. Doyle sports the white man's dreadlocks because they were big at the time and those who sported them didn't realize how bad it really looked. Both men are completely moronic and annoying--because filmmakers at the time believed that those who were listening to the break-out music craze of grudge were somehow mentally retarded. There's also a very, VERY homoerotic undertone to these two characters as they stand too close and always seem to be touching each other. Not that there's anything wrong with homoerotic undertones but even Samwise Gamgee and Frodo would find them to be "too close" of friends.

They can't quit each other.

Now, if you can somehow make it past how annoying Baldwin and Shore are in their respective roles, you'll find...well, nothing of substance really. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a movie snob and I'm not saying this movie sucks because of its inane humor, I'm saying it sucks because its inane humor is too inane. Stupid movies can be funny but when the film is so obnoxious that even Robin Williams is saying that it needs to pulled back a little, you have yourself nothing but a steaming, festering pile of shit.

Tenacious D was in this one?

The only real treat I received from re-visiting this one is seeing Stephen Baldwin play a brainless chimp--and realize that nothing about him has changed. Sure he's a born again Christian, former drug addict (actually, I think that goes without saying after mentioning that he's a born again) and has been quite vocal about his believe that evolution is a lie, but at his core, he's still the same idiot he played in this film--only he cut his dreads. That alone, I found amusing--so, I guess he's right when he says evolution is a joke because he hasn't evolved as a person in all this time. And as far as his performance in The Usual Suspects, we can only blame that great presence on the drugs.

What else can I say about Bio-Dome? Kylie Minogue--yes, she was in it-- says the movie was one of the biggest mistakes she made in her career and the movie makes toilet humor look refined and eloquent. Bio-Dome is only enjoyable on an ironic level because the acting resembles explosive diarrhea and the jokes are audio rapes of what true jokes are suppose to be. However, that is the real charm to this stinker. It's so bad and so unfunny, it unintentionally becomes hilarious. Well, at least that's the reason I've come up with for the nervous chuckles this one gave me. It's either that or I was starting to lose my grip on reality.

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