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Thor - 5 out of 5

I've said it in the past but we are living in the golden age of comic book adaptations and Marvel is kicking ass and taking names in their live action adaptations of their comics (which sadly, are really lacking in the story department lately). Thor is just another brick in the wall leading up to the (hopefully) epic The Avengers.

"You got something right there. Let me get it for ya."

If you saw Iron Man 2, you were teased with a glimpse of Mjolnir (Thor's hammer for those who regularly get laid). Just seeing this weapon embedded in rock in the middle of a desert was enough to make me stand in the theater and scream, "YEAHHH!!!!" A year later, we got to see the actually film and I was blown away! Some whip cream was added to this sundae of awesomeness as it was released very close to my birthday and the cherry on top was that I saw it in an IMAX theater in 3-D. Say what you will about the third dimension when it comes to cinema, 3-D haters but it made an already great movie even more enjoyable to watch.

I'm 90% sure someone stuff the chest of Anthony Hopkins' suit.

Well, a short time has passed since its theatrical run and it was unleashed on DVD and Blu-Ray. Being a proud owner of a Playstation 3, I walked confidentially into my local Best Buy and slapped my debit card and a copy of this gem encoded on the High Definition disc onto the counter and said, "I'll take it!!!" The cashier then informed me that I just cut in front of everyone and was forced to go to the back of the line. I was also beaten and drawn and quartered for this offense. Best Buy takes line cutting very seriously.

I actually squealed with delight at Hawkeye's cameo.

After getting my copy, I quickly ran home like I was being chased by a legion of hell hounds and popped the disc into my player and was quickly sent back to the day I was immersed into the world of an young and arrogant warrior cast out of his homeworld by his father and forced to live a mortal's life.

The look of two men who paid money to see Cop Out.

is a film that even those who aren't huge geeks like me can get into. The story is something everyone can get behind as it focuses on...well, Thor, and how his father, Odin, threw him out of Asgard and removed his rite to take the throne after the arrogant young pup nearly starts a war. Thor is exiled to Earth and starts to learn, evolve and grow as he sees the errors of his ways. Try and not cheer as Thor reclaims his hammer and gains back his power. Even if you've never read a single issue of the comic book or even seen what a comic book is, the average viewer can get behind the action, the lighthearted scenes of Thor doing the fish out of water role when he arrives on Earth and the amazing special effects. And let's not forget the cast that not only has Sir Anthony Hopkins passing up the fava beans and the Chianti for playing the God Odin but Chris Hemsworth owning the role of Thor, Tom Hiddleston knocking it out of the park as Loki and Stellan Skargard delivering like a boss as Erik Selvig. Also, a special mention to Clark Gregg for reprising his role from the Iron Man films; Agent Coulson. His dry wit and fantastic delivery is enough for me to hope he gets his own full length feature.

Finally, if you're not a comic book or action film fan, ladies will love Thor himself and his impeccable six pack. There, I just gave everyone a reason to see this movie.

Don't say I never gave you anything, ladies.

I'm a huge geek and love all things nerd, so it shouldn't be a surprise that I have a very large collection of graphic novels, trade paperbacks and comic books, so when films like this one come out it's a sure bet that I'm seeing it and will actually dish out the money to buy it on DVD. In all seriousness, Thor is truly a well put together film. It combines all the great elements that all the other Avenger tie-in films are hosting and keeps the great recipe going. At times it's funny, at times it's dark, at times it make you want to raise your fist in the air from watching Thor punch out a punk and when you mix all this together, you get one bloody entertaining movie.

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  1. Seriously, a 5? I gave it a 3, and i felt like i was being generous, the actions scenes and cg´s were good but that love story? it just ruined the whole movie, it was so stupid to see this characters that barely have know and already are in love, you have to be kidding me!.


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