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Eastbound & Down Season 2

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Eastbound & Down Season 2 - 4 out of 5

Kenny "Fucking" Powers is back after a cliffhanger end to the first season that left me wonder how the hell they were going to pick up and somehow redeem one of television's biggest assholes.

Kenny Powers almost makes me want a mullet...almost.

If you don't know who Kenny Powers is, then chances are you've probably come out of a coma recently and to that, I salute you and wish you the best of health. That is the only reason I can come up with why you wouldn't know who Kenny Powers is. Thanks to the amazing first season of this show about a washed up professional baseball pitcher who is forced by life to come down from his throne and mix it up with the unwashed masses as a gym teacher, the character Danny McBride brought to life has been seen on the cover of Men's Fitness magazine and he even went viral with an outrageous K Swiss online campaign. But starting off season 2, I began to wonder if I have been exposed to too much Kenny Powers as the show starts off without much promise.

"Did I leave my patio door unlocked?"

The season starts off awesomely as we find that Powers is in hiding in Mexico after leaving North Carolina in the show's debut season. We get the usual curse and drug fueled barrage by the man in the mullet but very little direction in which the show is heading. The next couple episodes tease us with the idea that Powers is possibly going to restart his professional ball career in the Mexican league but other than that, the story doesn't progress much. While the episodes may be amusing, the show starts off with a really dry, stale feeling like it's already hit its high and is preparing itself to coast.

Then, the show makes a complete turn around.

Stevie Janowski makes his return and we get to meet Kenny Powers' father--played by Don Johnson. And then, if that wasn't enough, Powers decides to return to North Carolina to get back the big chested love of his life--but before he leaves, he's offered a chance to get his throwing arm back into condition and get back on the diamond thanks to the help of a scout played by, a surprisingly shirt wearing, Matthew McConaughey. All this surprised me quite a bit and the stale feeling that started season 2 was suddenly gone and the shelf date for this show was renewed. At this point I also realized that I haven't had my fill of Kenny "Fucking" Powers yet.

"Awwwwwwwwwwww YEAH!!!!"

Despite this turn around, this season was far from what the first one brought. This is obviously expected because it is in Hollywood just like it is in nature and that is lightning doesn't strike twice. Many of the fantastic characters and actors from the last season don't return until the final two episodes and many of the new characters put in aren't used enough, used too much or just don't do much for any scene their in. And don't get me started on how annoying Deep Roy was in his role. But despite these drawbacks, the show still contains Kenny Powers--the biggest douche bag that has ever been put on television. A man without a single redeeming quality but that becomes the reason you like. Sure, it's very possible that Danny McBride created a monster and now we have to deal with other movies and shows trying to created similar unlikable characters but for now, we still have Kenny "Fucking" Powers. Often imitated but never replicated.

"Thanks for putting on a shirt, Mr. McConaughey."

Even though season 2 of Eastbound & Down starts weak, it gets stronger at the end and unlike the previous season, it ended with a strangely optimistic tone. After witnessing the ultimate dick move by Powers at the end of season 1, seeing a season finale end in an almost hopeful way left me kinda lost. However, it was enough to make me excited for the next season.

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