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Burn Notice Season 4

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Burn Notice Season 4 - 5 out of 5

Burned super spy Michael Weston is back with yogurt in hand and
continuing to make MacGyver look like a barely competent scout. Fionna is still as hot as ever and Sam Axe is kicking ass, taking names and throwing back drinks while doing so. The story of the spy trapped in Miami once again continues the tradition of slick action and some of the sexiest B-role I've ever seen! Like the last three seasons, Season 4 shows no sign of slowing down as they add in a new addition to the team as Weston accidentally burns a spy while on a mission and is out to get both the new guy Jesse and himself back into the loving arms of covert ops for the government.

One of the show's best re-occurring!

Jesse (played by Coby Bell) is the big addiction to the show and he's both a welcome member to the show and a complete hindrance. He becomes a fresh added dynamic to the awesome foursome of Weston, Fi, Sam and Michael's mother. He basically becomes fresh meat to a recipe that, so far, didn't really need any freshening up but doesn't totally destroy the flavor to the meal either. He becomes a rival for the heart of Fi but eventually, he starts to wear thin and starts to feel out of place and tacked on. However, as soon as this feeling starts, he starts to grow on you as his story unfolds and the involvement of Michael in Jesse's burn status starts to come to light.

The saddest thing about this season is the destruction of Michael's car.

Like all other seasons, the show's main story arc of Weston trying to locate those who burn him and trying to make them pay is here and still is rocking enough to keep you coming back episode after episode but added to this was some awesome special guests. The Wire's Robert Wisdom stars as Vaughn, the man with too much power and a part of the mysterious group called Management. Wisdom brings an almost too cool feel to his role with his combination of savvy and boiling over arrogance. Since mystery is the name of the game for the Miami spy, T-1000 makes an appearance. Robert Patrick sheds his liquid metal form for a shady millionaire business man Michael is out to make a deal with in order to remove his burned status. Oh, and did I mention that one episode even brings us the special guest star the Bandit himself; Burt Reynolds?

"You guys want to go on a canoe trip?"

With fantastic special guest stars added to their awesome storylines, Burn Notice season 4 comes out the gate running like a naked man being chased by the police at a sporting event. Jeffrey
Donovan still dominates as Weston and Bruce Campbell still shows why he is one of the baddest motherfuckers to ever be in the business and if these factors weren't good enough, the writers decide to grace us with the return of the nutjob nightmare that Michael could become; Simon and the eerily calm military hitman/psychotic genius; Brennan. At this point, about the 2nd to the last episode, I was like, "stop Burn Notice, you've kicked too much ass this season," but that wasn't enough. So the show punches me in the face with what could possibly be the best season finale I've ever seen.

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