Monday, July 25, 2011


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Unknown - 2 out of 5

So, the story to Unknown opens with Liam Neeson and January Jones (it seems as a husband and wife combo) checking into a hotel in Germany. Neeson's character leaves, grabs a taxi and is in a horrible car accident that throws him into a coma. Once his memories start to come back, he seeks out his wife only to find that he's not the man he believes he is and must frantically work to uncover what has happen and who the hell he really is.

Nothing really new going on here. We've seen the movie where the main character acts like a complete looney trying to figure out why all the people he knows and loves no longer recognize him anymore. However, this movie tries to change it up a little bit by offering a different twist then we're used to but the problem is, the twist isn't that new either. The movie does a decent job of hiding the ending from you but once it happens, there's no "AH HA!" moment...just an "okay, that's what you're
going with, eh?" The only true saving grace of this film is Liam Neeson. As you would expect, he delivers like a boss but the boring story and lack of a decent backup in the acting department to submerge Neeson in only further hurts the package. Sure you have the beautiful January Jones (come on, that's a porn star's name, girl) but let's face it, she's just a pretty face. Her acting skills are kinda limited and weak. She's barely passable as Betty Draper in Mad Men and the reality is in this film, she could have been replaced by thousands of other girls with equally visually appealing faces but with acting skills to boot.

With a story that barely keeps your attention and Liam surrounded by either actors incapable of delivering or actors who just don't feel like it, Unknown proves to me that somethings are better left not known. (And there ya go, a shitty pun to end the review with.)


  1. What an offensive, unprofessional blog - you ask other to be respectful, but you are anything but. As you say, this is purely based on your own narrow-minded opinion and nothing else. You watch only one of January Jones roles, and base her entire acting career on that - "being just a pretty face" (Oh and like that doesn't take hard work as well), and then to top things you make a distasteful joke about her name.

    I am not coming back to this blog thats for sure.

    1. Oh were the one person I needed to return to my blog because I am only out for your praise. Dammit.


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